Malaysia is one of the few countries in the world where you can wake up and decide whether you want to eat Malay, Chinese or Indian food, and beyond that, there’s Thai, Japanese, Korean, Italian, German, Middle Eastern fare to choose from, and the list goes on. The best part is, they are all within reach and quite affordable.

There are plenty of classy five star establishments around as well, but sometimes, the best meals are the ones that don’t break the bank, warm the belly and spent with the right company.

Elegant cuisine at Loo Loo Casual Dining

Sou taken up by omakase

Feasting at Foodies Gourmet Market and Cafe

You got me at Hungry Bacon

Progressive Thai expressions at Kompassion


Porkalicious menu at Snout

You can Buri by Two Chefs me anytime

Food from the cloud Pt 2

Delicious food from kitchen in the cloud

Premium meats at Seoulnami

Unbox the Extraordinary with Tiger

South East Asian classics for Buka Puasa at Nipah, EQ

Wine and dine at D’Caveau

A very Thai Meat & Sea affair

An Ultime dining experience

Martabak from Tetangga Kita, our neighbour

Chill brunch at Slow Coffee

Safe and sustainable Norwegian salmon and Fjord trout

Porkylicious grub at Habanna Charbroil Steakhouse

In love with Punjabi cuisine at Sangat

Ramen and rice at Shin Haru Tei

Smile and Say Cheese

Neighbourhood joint Yi Pin Chu scores big (closed)

Burrito and burgers at Sushi Brito

Japanese Specialty Food Festivity at Cilantro

Cakes and good food at My Own Bakes

Big on prawns at Saba-Hae

Load up on protein at Seo Gung Koean BBQ

Coffee and pasta with the Littlepeople

Gourmet chicken burger at The Burg

Dependable, delicious Malaysian fare at Dua by Skohns

Authentic Cantonese cuisine at The Regent

Having a Blass with modern Asian cuisine

Match made in heaven

Goan cuisine by Sapna

Guardian a Legacy

Getting stuffed at Ah Ma Kitchen