Ingenuity and food excellence reigns at Chinese Palace

Ingenuity and food excellence reigns at Chinese Palace

Not quite your typical Chinese restaurant, the interior of Chinese Palace reminds you of an era long forgotten, with photographs of old mini buses and other scenes of old Malaya on the walls, and strong green and burgundy hues as the background canvas. A successful mix of Oriental and modernistic elements in the public and private rooms set the stage for the resto, right next to the Chinese Assembly State Hall building.

Industry stalwart and renowned chef Frankie Woo plays the role of consultant, using his artistic licence to create avant-garde dishes to tease our palates. Together with Executive Chef Sam Loo, he mapped up the menu at Chinese Palace which by no means is carved in stone as the resto continues to evolve. 

Staples at Chinese Palace include Sliced Cold Pork Knuckle (RM38), an appetiser that boasts a nice balance of fat and lean, simmered with a broth of star anise, cinnamon and cloves which left the slightest lingering aroma.  

The Shanghainese-style Smoked Fish Fillet (RM38) – boneless smoked toman fillets – came coated with a layer of caramelised rock sugar, mustard and Chinese vinegar. So simple, yet tasted like it was painstakingly crafted with some secret recipe. Indeed, the best food sometimes is the simplest.   

Another worthy of mention dish was the Sichuan-style Shredded Kampung Chicken in Chilli Oil (RM28), ‘studded’ with okra. You wouldn’t know the smooth, shredded chicken was hidden inside the pretty dome. To be eaten together with the fragrant housemade chilli oil infused oil with Sichuan peppercorn, black vinegar, and sesame seeds, the chicken was an utter delight.

Over CNY, Frankie came up with a special Hot Pot promotion that showcased tender, delectable Braised Pork Tendons (RM88/pot). After savouring the chewy, rich, gelatinous tendon, superior stock was added to soup as base for the hot pot. With this single brilliant stroke of genius, Frankie has raised the bar and spoiled us as we can never enjoy hotpot again without remembering the awesome version he concocted!

Apart from prime meat cuts of lamb and American beef slices, we also had Handmade Prawn Dumplings, Handmade Prawn and Cuttlefish Balls and Deepfried Beancurd Rolls to go with the flavourful, robust hotpot stocksoup. Even all these were all superior quality – you can clearly taste this from the very first bite. Hong Kong Ee Foo Noodles was the last addition and these imported noodles were extra springy and tasty. Although the promo is over now, but you can still order Braised Pork Tendons or Braised Beef to go with rice.

They also run various promotions from time to time aside from the normal rice and dishes menu, so do check with them.

 Add: 1, Jalan Maharajalela, Kampung Atap, Kuala Lumpur. tel: 03-2022 1339 or 016-833 6228.