Drinking in the ambience at Ramen Bar ShiShiDo

Drinking in the ambience at Ramen Bar ShiShiDo

My first ever bowl of uber ramen at Menya Shi Shi Do was mind-blowing as the Black Garlic tonkotsu was rich, full-bodied and packed a punch like no other. After 5 years, no thanks to the pandemic, the Jaya One outlet closed in June 2021 after 5 years. Luckily there were already plans for expansion and Ramen Bar Shi Shi Do opened in Gasket Alley end of 2020. Other new ramen joints have since opened, giving the top seed placing a run for its money.

Given my current ramen quest, I finally dined in at Ramen Bar and was awed at how the whole dining experience wasn’t just about appreciating ramen, but drinking in the ambience too.

I shan’t go on about the Ramen as there will always be fans and be detractors. We had the Black Garlic, and duo of Black Garlic and Basil pork bone broth. Some say standards have dropped here, but it had all the trimmings – springy noodles with tender pieces of chashu, a full egg, black fungus and spring onion for RM25, a little more if you marry two or three types of flavours together or add on extra toppings. While it wasn’t quite as rich as I remember it, food was still good. We also had the Lemon Tonkotsu (RM23) which was interesting in taste but didn’t have any meat or egg so other ramen options might be better bets.   

The menu has also gotten a lot more extensive. Besides ramen, there are appetisers, salads, rice bowls, oden, yakitori, tempura, hot pot and stir-fried stuff. Ramen Bar Shi Shi Do has also become a place to hang out for drinks as there’s an attractive list of beverages ranging from highball, beers, cocktails, beers and soft drinks.

Beyond ramen, the place has gotten a lot more hip… the main hall has been done up like authentic yokocho (alleyways) in Tokyo dating back to the 1980s with old movie posters, traditional lanterns and shop signages as well as an olden day payment counter. A side stairway leads to more dining areas upstairs. Every room has its own character, including a stage, possibly for future kabuki performances?   

They don’t take reservations so just go early and line up. There’s a bit of waiting but not unduly so. I’m probably biased, but this remains one of my fav ramen haunts.

Add: Gasket Alley, Lot 15, 13, Jalan 13/6, Petaling Jaya