Cafe Chef Wan’s international selection

Cafe Chef Wan’s international selection

One of those days, we dropped by Cafe Chef Wan TTDI and found the quality of food indeed deserving of his high accolades. The menu is a gastronomic compilation of his travels worldwide, featuring international and traditional Malaysian favs. 

Portrait of Cik Aini, chef Wan’s mother

We had Cucur Udang (RM36) as a starter, which was huge, enough for a few to share. Half was crispy batter, the other half was chewy in texture, with plenty of large fresh prawns embedded in each fritter. Comes with 2 dipping sauces – chilli and peanut. A sucker for all things fried, obviously I loved this! The crispy batter is quite crumbly though eat with care lest you have crumbs all over your clothes too!

The famed Laksa Johor (RM36) lived up to its reputation as it was the best I’ve had. Served with spaghetti, the gravy was thick with minced fish (ikan parang), well-flavoured with spices. We finished this down to the last slurp. 

Laksa Sarawak topped with 3 large tiger prawns, another highly recommended dish had rich broth, shredded chicken, bean sprouts and omelette. A very good rendition which most Sarawakians would approve of.

Chef Wan’s Lamb Kuzi Pie (RM38) was small but was filled with chunks of lamb kuzi and vegetables. Given its Arabic influence, the taste was quite different – the lamb is cooked with spices and herbs, and had a slightly sweetish note. Not bad but I prefer English pies.

Cik Aini’s Mee Rebus (RM36) is supposedly Chef Wan’s fav, named after his mum. The thick sauce, enriched with sweet potato, was sweet yet slightly spicy. Plenty of beef strips, bean curd, bean sprouts and hard-boiled egg. Found this sweet but lunch mate Sue enjoyed this. 

Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik (RM45) came with ulam, salted egg, salted fish, sambal, budu and fish crackers. The ayam percik was well-marinated, moist and flavourful. 

They’ve got pastries and cakes too, but by then we were too stuffed for dessert. The resto’s interior was open, spacious and classy, not OTT. Prices are a bit steep, but portions are sizeable and excellent quality. But if people are willing to pay for Western pastas and steaks, why not for a celeb chef’s cooking, right?

Add: Level 2, TT Garden, Bangunan Ahp, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL. call: 03-2935 9375