A5 Wagyu beef at An Viet in Soup-er Hot Stone Pot

A5 Wagyu beef at An Viet in Soup-er Hot Stone Pot

Latest must-try at ─én Viet – Soup-er Hot Stone A5 Japanese Wagyu Pho! Just had a chance to try this,  promo has been on since November.

Starting from RM34.90 per bowl, the A5 Japanese Wagyu beef is Tokushima-sourced, yielding melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. The flavourful broth (boied for 12 hours with bones and meat, MSG-free) is boiled in the bowl beforehand, and still gurgling hot enough to add in noodles, any other meat and vegetables. If you like your beef tender, just dip in and give it a couple of swirls and that’s good enough to cook it.

The hot stone bowl retains heat quite a long time so be careful when cooking/eating. 

Variations include Wagyu Supreme Pho (RM39.90) with slices of A5 Wagyu beef,  Wagyu Special Pho (RM37.90) with A5 Japanese wagyu beef, honeycomb tripe and house-made 100% pure beef balls, and Wagyu Duo Pho (RM34.90) with A5 Japanese wagyu beef and house-made beef balls.

As with all An Viet noodles, you get a choice of 100g, 150g and 200g at no extra charge so that there’s no wastage. You only order what you can eat. For every meal finished An Viet donates 10sen to Food Aid Foundation.


The promo last till Jan 31. Who knows, if enough fans order this, An Viet may decide to make this part of the daily menu!

An Viet is located in various malls in the Klang Valley and Penang.