Celestial Treasures from EQ

Celestial Treasures from EQ

Celebrate this Mid-Autumn with your family, friends and loved ones with Celestial Treasures, premium mooncakes from EQ. Indulge in either the traditional baked mooncakes or pretty handcrafted snow-skin mooncakes, symbolising completeness and togetherness, These mooncakes are presented in custom-made gift boxes and make ideal gifts to family, friends and business partners. 

EQ’s Longevity Box is inspired by the Legend of the Jade Rabbit, topped with the illustrations of the Jade Rabbit and comes in a combination of brilliant blue and orange colours, associated with optimism, serenity, health and happiness. 

The Autumn Jade Box comes with 2 premium teas – Pu’er Tea and Jasmine Tea – and draws inspiration from the season, boasting natural elements in shades of red and gold that represent the luscious balance of luxury and tradition. You can also choose from three sets of mooncakes to fill the boxes. 

The Traditional Baked Mooncake Set (4 pieces per box) is priced at RM198 in the Longevity Box and RM268 for the Autumn Jade Box. Choose from both traditional and contemporary flavours such as Pandan Lotus, Red Bean, traditional Cantonese Mixed Nuts, tiramisu, Low Sugar White Lotus Single Yolk and EQ Signature Pearl of Harmony.

The EQ Signature Pearl of Harmony delightfully marries toasty Black Sesame and the savouriness of a Salted Egg Yolk. EQ’s Mooncake Master, Chef John Chu, introduces exquisite four new flavours for the Snow Skin Mooncake Set – Mint Chocolate with Hawaiian Nut, White Lotus Seed Paste with Pistachio & Sour Plum, Red Bean Paste with Green Tea & Tangerine Peel and Black Sesame Paste with Coconut Lava. There’s also the unique Golden Charcoal Musang King Durian and the Emerald Yuzu Pandan. 

The Snow Skin Mooncake Set (6 pieces per box) is priced at RM238 with the Longevity Box and RM288 with the Autumn Jade Box. A special limited-edition mooncake to mark this year – Nerikiri Wagashi – is immaculately handcrafted with 3 contemporary flavours: Citrus Adzuki, Matcha Pistachio & Yuzu Passion Fruit is priced at RM338.

There’s still time to order from the Mooncake Pop-up Booth at Pavilion KL, Centre Court until sept 11 or via WhatsApp at +60 12 278 9239 or via email at dineateqkl@kul.equatorial.com