Le Sense play on dimsum

Le Sense play on dimsum

There’s dimsum and then, there’s Le Sense. Conceived by founder Chris Chew as a means to promote dimsum which he perceives to be an elegant art form rather than just traditional Chinese small plates of dumplings, the modern contemporary Chinese restaurant serves each course of plump dumpling omakase-style.

Our tasting menu for this review consisted of Truffled dumpling (xiao long bao) – finely minced mixture of prawn and meat laced with truffle – sprinkled with edible gold leaves. The translucent skin held within glorious stock broth that teased and lingered on the palate like a sweet memory. 

 Not all meat is equal and Kagoshima pork proved its mettle with each springy, juicy bite, sitting on top of superior fish maw bouillon, just enough to have you begging for more. Yuba Skin Roulade collagen demi-glace (fuchuk) was crispy and thin, yet fell away easily to reveal the subtle sweetness of prawn and meat mix inside. Again, a clever play of textures and flavours, even the crunchy green had a role to play in scintillating the senses. 

Next, an almost Western presentation of Spanish Iberian Jowl accompanied by seasonal organic vegetables. The most expensive of meats, the tender, melt-in-your-mouth jowl was heavenly. Daikon Radish with XO was deceiving as it was so simple, yet so rich and complicated in flavour. Spoils you for life as no other radish dish comes close.

Crystal Prawn Wanton with smoked dover sole made all the difference and the housemade egg noodle was springy, firm yet delicate at the same time. How delightful! If I had to nitpick, it would be the savoury and sweet desserts – powdery yam croquette (wu kok) filled with Iberico pork and creamy egg tart with absolutely lovely flakey crust – make no mistake, they were probably the best I’ve had. But after all the fanfare, I was kinda expecting something different. But I reckon this was Le Sense staying true to the essence of a full blown dimsum meal, proving that all you really need is freshness and ingredient integrity, handled with the right expertise, to deliver gourmet magic.   

Every morsel was exquisitely crafted and beyond Chinese tea, the discerning are encouraged to bring their own wine, champagne even (no corkage), to pair with the dim sum. The curated menu starts from a base of RM138++ and above for lunch. Dinner prices are a little more, depending on the menu. 

Add: No. 8, Jalan SS20/10, Damansara Kim, PJ. hp: 018-268 2333