Burrito and burgers at Sushi Brito

Burrito and burgers at Sushi Brito

There’s sushi and there’s burrito, and then there’s Sushi Brito.

Sushi Brito offers a mash-up of foods from two different cultures. A Sushi Burrito is essentially rice ball with stuff in the middle in long roll format or, imagine a California roll, except that the cone is now a rectangular roll instead.

What’s in a name, right?

Giving it a go, we tried the Salmon Brito, which tasted like what we expected – Onigiri. It had rice enveloping some salmon, a bit of salad, dressing, like a larger version of Onigiri, but with more stuffing. The whole roll was divided into four parts, which wasn’t satisfying for No. 2 who didn’t find his choice terribly exciting. Maybe this was meant to be like a starter and not a full meal?

Modern trendy Japanese restaurants go beyond just conventional Japanese food and Sushi Brito is no different, with burgers, pastas, Western meals and even sushi in a spoon on the menu.

I had the Japanese version of Salmon Burger that came with rice instead of a bread bun which sandwiched the fish in the middle. Remember the now defunct Japanese burger chain Moshi Burger? This was just like that – the ‘burger’ simple, but fulfilling as the rice was quite tasty, smeared with teriyaki sauce. They also have charcoal bun for those who prefer more predictable burgers.

No. 1 chose Udon with spicy soup, which we reckon was the best out of the four dishes we ordered. Mildly spicy, the soup gave the dish character; portion was better with thin slices of tender beef and quite a bit of udon.

No. 3 also had udon, but with salmon and pesto sauce, made creamy with an onsen egg and sprinkled with walnuts. This was an curious blend which confused the palate. Takes a bit of getting used to, this East meets West thing; sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. The creamy flavour of the pesto was quite good, but didn’t quite go with udon as the fat noodle doesn’t absorb flavours so well.

As it is with all Japanese fast food joints with sushi on a conveyor belt, you always inevitably end up grabbing a few even if you had no intention to. This added to the bill, otherwise prices were very reasonable, averaging about RM15 per dish. Add another RM5.50 and you get a miso soup, chawan mushi as well as a drink as a set to go a main course.

Calling it for what it is, a Japanese fast food joint, Sushi Brito offers reasonably priced meals for the local neighbourhood. Once teeming with only Chinese coffeeshops, now Taman Megah appears to be getting slowly gentrified with ‘fancy’ establishments. When one gets tired of the usual wantan mee and chicken rice choices, sushi is a nice change.

I’m just waiting for a decent cafe to open here and I’ll be set for my coffee fix.

Add: 17, Jalan SS 24/8, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. Tel: 011-6331 7600