Eating at The Choi’s

Eating at The Choi’s

I really like this hidden Korean Resto, @thechois_official in SS2 The Hub which I had my eye on for a while. We could get single portions of favs like beef and seafood jjampong, chicken tangsuyuk and beef doenjang, and prices were more than reasonable. Even then, the portions are generous so small eaters can share. 

My fav is the seafood jjamppong, which came with lots of seafood. Broth is mellow with a natural seafoody sweetness, reminded me of Hokkien Prawn Mee. The level can be tweaked, right up to ‘spicy die tomorrow’ level. No kidding, that’s what it says in the description! What’s interesting is you can have half-and-half for best of both worlds so you can have jjamppong and jjajangmian, and other variations. Only the jjajangmian was not as expected, sweetish and not much minced meat, came with an egg. Seems the cooking is Busan-style which is why food here is slightly on the sweet side. 

Beef jjampong
Jjajangmian and seafood jjampong

The beef doenjang was also very good, rich flavours from the very first mouthful – a wholesome soupy dish with plentiful beef, zucchini amd veggies – to go with rice. 

Beef doenjang

Menu offers quite a lot of choices from cheesey fried rice – simple but soul-satisfying; Tuna and other versions of Kimchi Jjigae – spicy and pleasantly tangy; and other homestyle rice and ramen concoctions. 

Cheese garlic rice

I also finally got to try the honey ginger biscuit which I saw so often in K-dramas. Not cloyingly sweet, it’s got a different and rather unique kind of flavour which grows on you. 

Ginger honey biscuit

Ambience is warm and cozy at this family-run business where chef Choi Myeong Hun heads the Muslim-friendly kitchen. Definitely on my list of regular Korean resto.

Add: The Hub, Jalan 17/47, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya. hp:  011-2374 8500