Coffee culture at The Coffee Academics

Coffee culture at The Coffee Academics

Hong Kong-based coffee chain, The Coffee Academïcs (TCA), said to be a multiple award-winning speciality coffee brand, made its debut at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Spanning some 2,013 sq ft with an 80-seating capacity, the cafe offers a different coffee experience for enthusiasts, given its interesting coffee flavours.

During the launch, we tried the Okinawa (RM19), Jawa (RM19) and Manuka (RM26) coffees, as well as an assortment from the menu ranging from tacos to pasta and pancakes. The coffees were rich, uniquely flavoured and full-bodied; the Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos (RM38) had a good range of textures and flavour within a bite, the coffee butter elevated the pancakes (RM32) to the next level while the wagyu burger (RM48) provided a textural yet firm patty that was moist and feisty. Generally good quality coffee and taste-busting foodstuff at prices that are a little steeper than average cafe spots.

“We are very excited to find a home within Pavilion Kuala Lumpur as our first location in Malaysia and the 40th outlet in the region. As the leading purveyor and roaster of specialty coffee, we aim to bring specialty coffee culture to new heights by brewing distinctive local experiences with global impact in mind. At TCA, we serve only specialty-grade coffee, which are directly sourced from sustainable farms globally. Our mantra, ‘Every Sip of TCA coffee is a gift of hope’ declares our commitment towards serving our guests with a mission,” assured Jennifer Liu, Founder & Chairwoman of The Coffee Academïcs in the press statement.

Established in 2012, TCA scored 85.75 points on average for its coffee, made with coffee beans from over 50 different farms. TCA uses an intricate method of sourcing andin-house roasting, resulting in a robust and high-quality coffee experience in each cup of coffee served. From interior design to coffee presentation, the café seamlessly integrates with Kuala Lumpur’s city scene, highlighting an aesthetically pleasing space that stands out from the rest with its stylish décor, state-of-the-art coffee machines and brewing equipment.

TCA’s signature coffee menu consists of the Geisha Private Collection, Pour Over Coffee, Single Original Selection, and Espresso Based Coffee. Also available are a selection of refreshing yet calming tea concoctions, along with a sumptuous menu, featuring breakfasts, locally-inspired pastas, rice meals and delectable desserts.

You also bring TCA home, with an assortment of products available for purchase from locally roasted coffee beans to drip bags, specialty coffee capsules, brewing tools, and hand-picked gifts. On top of superior quality coffee, Malaysian coffee enthusiasts can expect the safest products from TCA. Awarded with a Five Star recommendation from the Consumer Council in Hong Kong, TCA is one of the two companies found with products passing all test parameters and without Acrylamide – a genetic carcinogen and neurotoxic substance. Moreover, due to the stringent quality and
procurement standard, no traces of pesticides and harmful substances are found in any of TCA products, as the coffee are directly sourced from reputable farms, and long term partners. TCA’s takeaway-ware are also compostable, which means they are biodegradable within 12 weeks upon disposal.

“Our dining spaces and roastery have been the incubator of communities and ideas, from Hong Kong to the world. Each coffee corner has its own story; it could be your first date, anniversary meal, long overdue reconnection with your mom, senior thesis grinding or even exceling in that job interview. We hope we get to share every special moment with you!” said Jennifer.

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