New chapter for century-old biscuit shop Fung Wong

New chapter for century-old biscuit shop Fung Wong

A biscuit shop with a century-old heritage. That’s an inspiring tale indeed, considering how Fung Wong was started by Chang Weng who just loved to bake and shared biscuits with friends back in Guangdong, China. The actual shop began at 28, Jalan Hang Lekir in 1946. Today, Fung Wong has updated itself and set up home at  Wisma Chak Kai on Jalan Sultan to reach out to a new generation, helmed by fourth generation owner Melvin Chan, the great grandson of Chan Weng, along with 2 other partners.  

The lovely bright interior has retained the original white tiles on the pillars and small green and white tiles on the floor. The shop used to have an alley which was previously covered up and this is now clearly distinguished from the rest of the cafe with its different flooring and three umbra trees.  

Bits of the past are displayed on the shelves of the cafe, such as traditional wooden mooncake moulds, red and black wedding pastry basket, Fung Wong’s original packaging and old biscuit tins. You can see how some of the pastries are made through a glass window revealing the kitchen, and it seems Fung Wong even runs baking courses.

There’s an extensive choice of Chinese pastries, ranging from egg tarts, siew pau, its signature kaya roll, and many others as well as its famous red wedding biscuits filled with red bean or lotus paste, which are still given out during Chinese weddings today.

Stopping by for coffee here, old school kopi or cham (tea plus kopi) is a charm, fragrant not just from the drink, but from the nostalgia of this storied biscuit shop.

A prime example of how the old can be reinvented for modern times, Fung Wong will hopefully last a long time as having afternoon tea with Chinese pastries is such a lovely change from the usual cake and coffee cafes.

Add: 85, Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. tel: 03-2072 8888