Sou taken up by omakase

Sou taken up by omakase

So many new omakase restaurants are popping up these days that I can’t keep track. Did you know that ‘Omakase’ means ‘I’ll leave it to you’? 

Decided to an older establishment instead, a few months’ ago. Sou Omakase Dining has been around for 6 years, and still going strong given its location and decent pricing. 

We had the lunch degustation for just under RM200/pax. Service was quick, cordial and classy. Can’t remember everything accurately but here goes:

Amuse bouche: Green tea tofu and salmon roe – silky smooth tofu with just a hint of green tea delightfully weaving in between the roe bouquet which carried the salty tanginess of the sea. 

Starters: Escargot with puffed rice, tempura fish, foie gras pate – delicate, gone in a quick crunch, pate went well with the escargot despite both having strong flavour notes. 

Chawanmushi with tomato soup – more soupy than egg, I remember we really enjoyed this; comforting, warmed the soul. 

Next up was tuna, amberchuck and octopus sashimi – fresh, good cuts. 

Mains: Beef in toban sauce – hearty, so, so tender and flavourful, bathed in a robust yet light broth that have you aching for more. Grilled lamb was medium rare, cooked right. 

Chirashi bowl for the carbo boost, I liked how the fish pieces were not cut into tiny bits, but into distinct bite sizes with better texture.

Only desert – Japanese cheesecake and konyaku jelly with housemade ice-cream – though tasty, seemed ordinary and uneventful given the fanfare of the other dishes. 

Definitely a positive experience. Will go back to try their dinner menu to see how they up the ante. 

Add: G247, Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, KL. tel: 03-22021133.