Elegant Inn’s celebration menu

Elegant Inn’s celebration menu

Jeanette has always emphasised on the importance of the quality of her ingredients, and refined taste that’s offered at Elegant Inn Hong Kong Cuisine, KL and how it should stay consistent. She remains true to her word and at the recent review, EI showcased why it is deserving to be called one of the top Chinese restaurants in Malaysia.  

Here’s a quick peak at the variety of dishes offered at Elegant Inn for its Celebration menu this December. 

*Happy Start – salt and pepper fried HK silver fish, chilled seafood spoon with Crabmeat and salmon, Steamed egg with foie gras, Hokkaido Scallop bacon roll, HK prawn paste pork belly. This was a combination of two tasting menus. There’s something for everyone, and the differing flavours and textures are impressive from the word go. In my books, one of the best starters around. 

*Special claypot soup with free range chicken, fish maw and pig stomach (sharksfin extra charge). The richness of the soup, pleasing and not cloying, the slight heat from the pepper, the textures of the huge pieces of fish maw and sharksfin (extra charge) … truly exquisite in every way. 

*Stir fried fillet garoupa with silky egg white and Japanese scallop – simple, yet comforting, slippery smooth and subtle in taste. Delightful.

*Dried abalone with pan seared foie gras and Iberico pork. One of my fav, the strong flavour of the foie gras contrasted against the robustness of the abalone gravy, with the pork to provide bite and different perspective to the palate.

*Stuffed sea cucumber with housemade fish curd, flower mushroom, broccoli in abalone gravy. Another dish I loved, not altogether unusual but so well-executed, old school yet modern in delivery. 

*Fish maw, silky egg white, spinach and crab roe. – another soul-comforting dish which disappeared quickly. 

*Braised vermicelli with crystal prawns and pork belly. EI’s noodles surpass many, the fragrance of the claypot too seductive to refuse, a winning combination with the prawns and pork. Too full by now, yet I had to eat this, it was so good.  

*EI signature lap mei rice – no words necessary, always good.

*Crispy avocado roll, refreshing bird’s nest tong sui. – the avocado roll in particular had a lovely green custard that was like kaya, but not too sweet. So good! 

Every dish stood on its own merit, featuring layers of flavours and textures. Short of gushing, I can never get enough of EI’s food as every single dish is cooked with precision, making this a culinary dream to remember. 

Prices start from RM88/pax to RM368/pax. 

Add: Menara Hap Seng, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-2070 9399