Exquisite medley of flavours at Sushi Mew Kuala Lumpur

Exquisite medley of flavours at Sushi Mew Kuala Lumpur

Omakase restaurants have been growing in popularity and mushrooming all over the Klang Valley. Sushi Mew, having established itself in Hong Kong and Singapore as a purveyor of Japanese cuisine, has opened its doors at The Westin Kuala Lumpur. Just about three months old, it offers world class omakase experience and excellent service to the discerning diner within an aesthetic setting that could well pass for an evening in Tokyo.

Strategically placed wooden panel frames and soft grey wall furnishings reflect a modernistic Japanese aesthetic while gilded gold bracketed ceilings and floor chiller exude a touch of class and elegance. Soft downcast lights envelop the dining area in a warm golden glow, creating a cozy ambience. Omakase, usually a private affair in an intimate setting, can also be had in four separate rooms for six to eight people in private functions.  

Literally translated to “I’ll leave it to you”, Omakase is about respectfully entrusting the chef to perfectly curate a meal based on their professional expertise with a personal touch using only the finest ingredients available.Sushi Mew’s philosophy is based on creating a symphony of tastes that explores the limitless possibilities of different elements, flavours and ingredients, fusing both classic and modern Japanese haute cuisine. 

Staying true to the high quality of its art form, Sushi Mew offers a choice of two lunch sets: the KA menu at RM188 and the Shu menu at RM268. Ala Carte orders are available for both lunch and dinner menus.

The dinner menu consists of three different sets with Kun at RM388, the Yu at RM488 and the Mew set from RM800 onwards (seven days pre order in advance is required). This is the chef’s special menu where all ingredients are exclusively handpicked and specially ordered upon request.

We were invited to review the Yu menu on a stormy night, so sitting down to a posh omakase was a welcome respite. While every dish was a delight to the senses, personal favourites were the signature engawa sushi consisting of buttery, lubricious flounder meat muscle and otoro (tuna belly) sushi, which had natural toro (tuna) oil dripped onto the sushi.

Even the inari udon was a joy – a specially imported thinner noodle was used instead of the commercial thick ones which most of us are accustomed to – served in dashi, soy sauce, paired with truffle and amadai (white snapper). Another standout item was the soft and chewy hirame (white fish) on Japanese rice cooked in Hokkaido water, mixed with soy sauce, black vinegar and uni (sea urchin)..

Initially we thought we were getting a cheesecake dessert, but it turned out to be an elaborate baked tomago (Japanese omelette) with Japanese shrimp and fish, how exquisite! 

Sushi Mew has truly woven a medley of flavours into every dish, making each piece of sushi into edible art.

Add: The Westin Kuala Lumpur, 199, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, 

Opening Hours:

Lunch12pm – 3pm

Dinner : 2 seating options – 6pm & 8.30pm