Three Guys playing with rice bowls

Three Guys playing with rice bowls

Small really cozy cafe which you’d imagine reading a book and spending a lovely afternoon. Good coffee, and pleasantly surprised at the good food and flavour fusion. Even drinks have been given a spruce-up with interesting thirst-quenchers such as Sparkling Yuzu Matcha, Strawberry latte and Three Guys latte.

Named Three Guys coz of the three partners helming the cafe, this pseudo-Japanese rice bowl joint makes the prettiest rice presentations I’ve come across. Scoring top marks for carbo-based staple, this is one place you wanna throw your no-carb rule outta window.

Okonomiyaki, typically a savoury Japanese pancake, has been reimagined as a Seafood Don rice bowl. Bonito flakes and okonomiyaki sauces keep the essence of the dish, while rice replaces the flour, and prawns, crabstick, smoked duck and torched mentaiko provide the textures and bite with lovely runny egg to meld the awesome flavours together for a fulfilling meal. 

Smoked Duck Don comes with a local context of homemade sambal, onsen kampung egg, cherry tomatoes and edamame – another great combination with looks to boot, satisfying the carnivore with generous pieces of meat and a touch of spice to wake up the senses.

ATM bowl – avocado, tamagoyaki and mentaiko sauce with options to level up to Avocado Salmon Mentai Don – not only looked amazing but came with strong taste credentials to back up the pretty bowl. Cold food (avocado) contrasted with hot egg and mentaiko works well in this instance, keeping the palate alert with exceptional flavours.   

The Chilli Pasta is essentially Chilli Pan Mee but with spaghetti, using their signature housemade XO sambal sauce. Milder than the fiery Chinese pan mee, also a tasty option tho I preferred their rice offerings more. There’s also Chicken Mentai Bento, that’s lke cha siu gets Japanese makeover. Sinple but so yummy.

Food here should especially appeal to the health-conscious, with their clean cooking style. The only downside here is the parking which can be a challenge, otherwise, I’d probably hang out here regularly.  

Add: Unit 2-14, Level 2, Block B, KEDAI @ MAHSA Avenue, Jalan Ilmu, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 010-430 9123