About me

A former journalist who now observes the world through her kitchen window as she figures out what to cook next to feed her piranhas.

Passionate about eating and promoting Malaysian street food, Patsy also conducts food exploration events. Join her food trips and discover the best local eats!

Don’t just take her word for it – you can also check out her personal IG @taps29 and drool over all the places she has been to … and then some which she won’t go back to, but that’s a different story!

She is also a mother to three boys which means they are always opening the fridge and rummaging through the shelves to look for food as they are always hungry! Her challenge is to cook up something from whatever she can find in the kitchen, and if it is possible, in as few steps as possible!

Open to requests for reviews for food and drinks, or if you have a recipe that you want to share, contact me: kewp@kameatwithme.com