Keeping it real food at BeReal Cafe

Keeping it real food at BeReal Cafe

At health cafe BeReal, I learnt for the first time what shiokoji (used in place of salt) and rejuvelac (from sprouted fermented soy bean) was. Extolling biodynamic ingredients, BeReal Cafe makes its own sourdough breads and sausages, features biodynamic vegetables and uses natural seasonings made from cultured and fermented products.

Biodynamic produce is one step above organic; in addition to not using synthetic or chemical fertilisers and pesticides, the focus is on a sustainable, holistic approach with emphasis on the farm being a closed diversified ecosystem.

The cafe itself was bright and cheery, with a light colour palette running through.

Enzyme drinks

For starters, we had Pumpkin Tamarind Soup flavoured by shiokoji (a fermentation of sea salt and koji – a special kind of mould), lacto garlic and spiced oil infused with cardamom, star anise and chilli. Biodynamic choysam was sprinkled on top of the soup that came  with a slice of sourdough. Usually don’t like pumpkin soup, but this I like.

Rejuvelac, fermented from sprouted soya beans, was used to curdle soya milk for the tofu in the Rejuvelac Tofu Salad in White Miso Dressing. The panfried fermented tofu, organic vegetables and wakame were tossed in koji white miso, and while everything screams healthy, there was no lack of taste here.

I really liked the assortment of country loaf slices, brioche and almond bun, black garlic organic mushrooms and cabbage sauteed with sauerkraut. Unusual jams like papaya ginger lime jam, pineapple chilli jam, pumpkin kaya, ricotta cheese in oil and mellow miso butter made things even more interesting. I enjoyed the house-made sausages and bacon (though I kinda miss the unhealthy seasoning and added salt) made from pure meat.

Laksa Pasta was made with natural semolina and tossed with organic extra virgin coconut oil, aromatic laksa sauce and fresh herbs, accompanied by pan-fried tenggiri fillet – wild caught, no less. Black Pepper Pork Rice seemed almost guiltless – long grain rice – that came with chunks of tender, juicy pork, a fried egg with pineapple and vegetable salad for a balanced meal.

Laksa Pasta with tenggiri

Black Pepper Pork Rice

The Hakka Noodles, topped with pork, black fungus, seaweed and egg to be tossed together, was one up as the noodles were made from lotus root flour, which gave them a springy bite. Assam Pedas Tenggiri Rice Bowl was cooked with organic spice paste and served with organic basmathi rice. There is also a vegetarian version with organic egg, no fish.

We ended with coffee, organic, but of course. 

Pay a visit to Angela Chong and learn more about biodynamic foods. During the weekends, BeReal becomes a market place for fresh produce where those in the know throng the cafe for biodynomic and organic produce. The shelves also hold seasonings and other precious products which Angela personally make from scratch or source for, and big fresh pumpkins along with packs of rice are up for sale too, among other things.

What’s even better is that a meal here doesn’t cost a bomb. In fact, no more than your usual cafe and what’s even better, everything is real and made from scratch. It could very well change your lifestyle and the way you eat! 

Add: 44-1 Jalan Burung Pucung, Taman Bukit Maluri, Kuala Lumpur. tel: 012-232 3995.