Home of Nagoya Mazesoba at Menya Hanabi

Home of Nagoya Mazesoba at Menya Hanabi

The last time I was here, it was so full, we couldn’t get in. Last Sat, we came out late for dinner and managed to get a table.

We ordered the signature Nagoya Mazesoba – spicy springy ramen without soup, garnished with spicy minced pork, seaweed, spring onion, fish powder (gyofun) and raw egg yolk. The result was akin to carbonara, Japanese style, creamy and full of condiments which provided layers of flavour. Mine came with an egg and chasiu while the other half ordered the sesame version. 

It’s supposed to be spicy, but there was hardly any heat to it. We added vinegar, on the advice of the server and the hint of sour made the ramen taste even better. I only noticed the chilli powder at the side when we finished, so too late. Oh well, next round!

We also enjoyed the gyoza and chicken karaage. Oh, they will give you a scoop of rice to soak up the leftover gravy and minced meat, but we were too full to bother.

Pretty impressed by the good service and attentiveness. All in all, a very enjoyable meal and making more trips here. 

add: 66, Jalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. call 03-7733 5501

They have other branches around PJ too.