Flaming fun festival at Guinness Flavour By Fire

Flaming fun festival at Guinness Flavour By Fire

The Guinness Flavour By Fire Festival at Sentul Depot revealed tantalising aromas, mouth-watering cuisine, and vibrant sights and sounds. The blazing revelry was combined the tantalising fusion of Guinness-infused flame-cooked creations, sending taste buds on a journey beyond the ordinary.

With a line-up of 11 dynamic culinary partners, over 20 open flame grills and an impressive 27 taps flowing smooth and creamy Guinness Draught, it was quite the culinary experience. The air was thick with the smoky scent of fire-grilled sizzling meats and savoury spices. Guinness’s rich, distinctive flavour, derived from fire-roasting its barleys at precisely 232 degrees Celsius, was the perfect pairing partner to the flamed food. Authentically Guinness, the festival provided the perfect setting for cheerful camaraderie amid culinary temptations.

“We are delighted to receive an incredible response to our unique festival, which takes the taste
experience beyond the ordinary. Guinness has a rich, distinctive flavour that is a favourite among chefs
and drinkers alike, and when combined with the transformative power of fire, it creates a truly
unforgettable culinary experience. Guinness is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring our
brand values of power, goodness, and communion to life in an engaging and immersive way. Our
festival is the perfect occasion for people to come together for an authentic Guinness experience and
create unforgettable memories,” said Shaun Lim, Marketing Manager – Wheat Beer, Stout & Diageo
Brands at HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad.

Food was prepared by grill masters such as Chef Franky of Arthur’s Storehouse, rock & roll chefs Johnny and Sherson of Kitchen Mafia, culinary innovator Chef Navin Karu of Big Boyz Barbecue, foodie favourites like Yat Sing Smokehouse, KAO BBQ, and Tipsy Boar.

Undisclosed Location, Shucked Oysters & Seafood Bar, TNR by Sean & Angie, Bacon It and Caketella
also featured their unique Guinness infusion offerings at the festival. There was Guinness-infused dishes such as from lamb ribs to grilled salmon, artisanal burgers, and irresistible Guinness-infused desserts, as well as an impressive range of vegetarian and dessert options.

Entertainment was provided by live acts such as a$ix, Lost Spaces, Resort, Talitha and Darren Ashley.
Also Samantha Diana, Masia One, K-town Clan featuring Jerryca Misty & DJ Yauzzy, Saint Kylo, STREETCODE, Skies Are Red, Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men, Blister and 9 Liv Band featuring Joy Victor & Muzza!

The Guinness STOUTie machine was another hot attraction as people line up to get their selfies printed onto the creamy head of their Guinness. And not to forget the Guinness Long Bar Challenge – the winner won exclusive Guinness merchandise.

The next food haven to experience Guinness Flavour by Fire Festival is Penang on Sept 2 and 3, at Fort Cornwallis.