Sweeten this Ramadan with Elevete Pattiserie’s Raya specials

Sweeten this Ramadan with Elevete Pattiserie’s Raya specials

Taste is a very personal thing, but I dare say The Roulade Rasa Sayang from Elevete Pattiserie should appeal to most people. A light and fresh pandan sponge roll layered with swiss meringue coconut buttercream and gula Melaka syrup, reminiscent of the traditional ondeh-ondeh, this was one of my fav from the tasting platter. The Bunga Telang Bar, a cake version Edwin’s fav kuih – Pulut Tai Tai not bad too. This is layered with modern sous vide kaya, pulut tai tai and light coconut buttercream in either green or blue.

Macarons with sago and kaya? Or pulut tai tai in the centre? Not quite what the French had in mind when they invented the macaron but then, creativity is the mother of innovation. Chef Edwin Chan, inspired by Raya desserts, has taken this to the next level by incorporating Malaysian flavours into the French meringue-based confection. His special Ramadan Manis Macarons, a box of 12 assorted macarons which Edwin dubs Aidilfitri Fatcarons, includes Bunga Kantan, Sirap Bandung, Pulut Tai Tai and Sago Gula Melaka flavours, among others. Though not a macaron fan, the unique flavours piqued our interest. The kaya and sago versions were interesting, but the boys and I didn’t like the pulut and bunga kantan flavours so much.

There’s also Ketupat in the form of a fresh pandan chiffon sponge, put together with Elevete’s signature gula Melaka buttercream, touched up with coconut buttercream swiss meringue and coconut gula Melaka chocolate truffle in the shape of ondeh-ondeh. I popped one in my mouth in one go, forgetting that it’s chocolate, and the sweetness of the truffle caught me by surprise. The others said it wasn’t that sweet though.

Cupcakes are always popular and the Eid Mubarak Cupcakes, come topped with sugar-coated Raya elements on Elevete’s signature pandan, red velvet and butterscotch cup cakes.

Or, you could be greedy and choose to try a bit of everything from the Aneka Aidilfitri set which consists of slices of Roulade Rasa Sayang, Meriah Treasure (a platter of six different cake flavours), Buah Tangan and AidilFitri Fatcarons.

As Raya gifts, be sure to bring along some “Buah Tangan” – a set of three jars with Elevete’s combo of Pineapple Tart, Semperit cookies with cherries,and Almond London.

Elevete Patisserie’s Ramadan and Raya Specials are available online from now until June 4 on Elevete Patisserie’s official website: https://www.elevete.com.my/collections/ramadan-raya-2022.