Old school coffeeshop Thong Kee Cafe

Old school coffeeshop Thong Kee Cafe

Thong Kee Cafe is an old established name that has been around for 3 decades. The original cafe in Bentong, Pahang was started by Wong Mun Thong, and it still exists today, famous for its 1+1 Hainan coffee plus tea. Prior to his foray into F&B, Mun Thong had experience as a renovation worker, sales rep, insurance manager and cook. 

Having evolved from the old school kopitiam, it dropped “kopitiam” in its name and adopted the word “cafe” instead and amazingly, became a lot more hip and attracted a much younger crowd. Today there are 9 outlets around the Klang Valley, and most of them attracting long queues. 

Despite the Sea Park outlet being in my hood for years, I avoided it for the longest time because 1. I hate queuing and crowds 2. It’s just kopi and toast la. Then, when a friend back all the way Australia raved about it, I decided to find out what the hype was once and for all. 

And yes, there was already a long line when I got there at 11am. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long. Verdict? The onsen egg was perfectly half-boiled, the yolk almost orange-hued. Kampung eggs perhaps, or it better be something marvellous at Rm3.40 for just 2 eggs.

The famed croissant with ham and cheese was frankly unremarkable as it cannot compare to the flaky, crisp yet chewy-centred croissants offered at more modern cafes. The toast (normal coffeeshop bread) with ham was crusty and buttery, and a lot more scrumptious. The breakfast muffin with otak-otak was interesting and commendable, though quite small.

We also tried the claypot noodles (lo shi fun) – not bad, tasty but lacked more of the thick black caramel sauce and the fragrance associated with claypot-cooking. Probably it was poured in later and not really cooked in it? The popular nasi lemak from one of the stalls was good but not amazing – I would have liked more kick to the sweetish sambal. The Prawn noodles and Wantan mee seemed tempting from afar – next round. 

I cannot resist curry puffs – the style is similar to the ones sold in Ikea, but a little more filled with potato and tiny bits of meat, at a more premium RM2.50 each (3 in a set). Not bad la.

Living up to its reputation, the Hainanese kopi mixed with tea was indeed delicious, and the coffee itself fragrant, well-balanced and moderately “kaw”. A nice change from Western All Day Breakfast, a meal here is comforting and soul-food for those who long for nostalgia, but at premium prices. Kopi average about RM4 per cup while the toast varieties are from RM5 to 8 (approx).

Think I’ll stick to making my own imperfect eggs at home. But I don’t mind dropping by to pick up the kopi.

Add: 33, Jalan 21/1, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya (1 of 9 branches)