Authentic Fujian fare at Tien

Authentic Fujian fare at Tien

TIEN serves authentic Fujian cuisine and is the first pork-free resto under the PUTIEN franchise, located in KLCC. Similar to Putien, food at Tien is unpretentious and simple; ingredients are specially chosen for their exceptional quality and freshness. 

PUTIEN was started in 2000 and has flourished into a renowned name for Chinese cuisine with over 90 outlets across Asia. The authentic flavours and gracious service has even garnered One MICHELIN star for one of its branches in Singapore.

Happy to report that the signature Sweet and Sour Chicken (like its pork counterpart) was delicious. The chicken pieces were crisp outside and still moist inside, given a sweet lift by the juicy lychees.

Prepared with 14 different ingredients, the Red Mushroom Lor Mee had a subtle umami flavour to the milky gravy that came with a mix of clams, prawns, diced chicken and green vegetables for added sustenance. 

It’s hard to go wrong with Sizzling Hot Pot with Beef & Pepper – the beef was tender and flavourful, while the tasty Crispy Pepper Barramundi Fish Wings, lightly coated with batter, gave way to reveal sweet flesh within. I enjoyed this the most.

Sizzling Beancurd came on top of thin omelette – nice but hardly inspiring. Shredded Beef with Sesame Bun was more interesting, distinguished from the pepper version by its sweetish aftertaste, to be eaten with golden fried sesame buns.

There are also a number of interesting mocktails to be had and Putien’s firm favourite dishes are also available here.

Add: Lot 434, 4th Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Tel: 03 2181 2839