Porkalicious menu at Snout

Porkalicious menu at Snout

With a name like Snout, there’re no prizes for guessing what’s the mainstay of this resto.

The place is brightly lit and spacious with piggy soft toys on stools and pigs painted on walls, reaffirming the restaurant’s theme, while potted plants, stacks of books and a small corner selling clay crafts add to the casual homely ambience.

That’s a lamb actually!

We ordered Scotch egg-style Fried Quail Eggs (RM9) to start which disappeared very fast. The quail eggs, ensconced in minced meat and an assortment of condiments, then covered with breadcrumbs and deep-fried, I dare say, were nicer than some of the ones I had in UK which tend to be too dense … and cold.

Boasting all things porkalicious in the menu, the signature here is the juicy T-bone Pork Chop (RM33) which comes with a big swirl of classic egg carbonara. Littered with bacon bits and Parmesan cheese on top, this signature chop had No. 1 smacking his lips and ooh-ing his approval. He decided to be good and up his fibre intake by adding on the Orange Salad (extra RM5) which was fresh and citrusy with the house dressing.  

Another bestseller here is the comforting Braised Pork Belly (RM23) served with steamed rice. The jiggly pieces of pork belly with layers of lubricious fat, braised for hours in soya sauce and spices, was melt-in-the-mouth tender and bursting with flavour. Comes with an egg, bok choy, braised peanuts, and my favourite, a dallop of sambal.

We also tried the Sticky Pork Rib Rice that came with a serving of vegetables. The ribs were tender, coated with finger-licking sweet sauce that was nicely balanced, the kind that slowly teases your palate to give you a satisfying mouthfeel rather than hit you up with a shot of diabetes.   

Next time, I’m looking forward to ordering the Chilli pork rice that’s said to be quite spicy.

No. 2 had the Snout Avenue Sandwich (RM18) that had a piece of grilled pork tenderloin topped with caramelized onion and sandwiched in a bun. Looked simple at first glance, but the taste won us over with the still moist and flavourful texture of the pork, tucked in between the fresh veggies.

In comparison to the other outstanding pork dishes, the Salted yolk carbonara (RM23) with salted egg, bacon bits and Parmesan cheese seemed the most ordinary, though it held its own pretty well in terms of flavour and tastiness.

Snout was opened in August 2018 by Doris Ch’ng and Rosalia Chua, and with its good food and decent prices, it’s a winning formula to get one going back for more pig-out sessions.

Add: 22A-1, Jalan PJU 8/5E, Bandar Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. tel: 03 – 7732 8871.