Irish Duck Company is in Malaysia

Irish Duck Company is in Malaysia

The Irish Duck Company (IDC) has entered the Malaysian Market, supplying premium Irish Hampshire Pork to restaurants and consumers. To celebrate the company’s launch in Malaysia, a luncheon was hosted at Grand Imperial Restaurant Pavilion, showcasing the high-quality Irish products through a series of carefully curated dishes, to highlight the unique flavours of the Irish meats. Present at the launch were Ireland’s Minister of Agriculture, Martin Heydon and IDC’s Directors, Joel Lim and Kennedy Low.

An exceptional culinary experience, premium Irish Hampshire Pork boasts a quality and standard unlike any other in the world. Irish Hampshire Pork — made from one of the oldest breeds of pigs in the world — is leaner, more succulent and flavourful, and has a richer, deeper red colouring. One of the oldest breeds of pigs in the world, Hampshire pigs are found only in the remote Drumlin landscape of Ballineagh Co. Cavan and are reared on a highly specified diet by McCarren Meats. It was the discovery of unique Irish products like this that inspired the start of IDC in Singapore.

Ribs using Irish Hampshire Pork

Founded in 2014, IDC was created when its founder, Ronald Lim met with Silver Hill Duck in Ireland and discovered that despite the brand’s reputation for producing and supplying the world’s best ducks, Silver Hill Duck had not yet found its way into the Asian market. Today, IDC has established itself as the sole importer and distributor of Silver Hill Irish Ducks in Asia with plans to expand throughout the rest of Southeast Asia to address increasing demand from ASEAN countries.

Roasted Silver Hills Duck at Grand Imperial Restaurant.

“We’re excited to finally be able to supply our sister country with the quality Irish products we’ve come to love and enjoy. Thanks to the support of McCarren Meats, Bord Bia, and the Irish government, IDC has been able to introduce quality products that come from Ireland’s exceptional agricultural prowess and abundant resources to Southeast Asians. This expansion to Malaysia is a testament to our company’s dedication to excellence and we hope to be able to bring these offerings to other ASEAN countries soon,” said Joel Lim, Executive Director of IDC. 

“The availability of Irish Hampshire Pork in Malaysia signals a continuation of the great relationship between Ireland and Malaysia. We hope that through this partnership, we’ll be able to provide Malaysians with more premium Irish products and strengthen the ties between our nations,” said Martin Heydon, Irish Minister of Agriculture.

Apart from Irish Hampshire Pork and Silver Hill Ducks — renowned for their exquisite “Wagyu of Ducks” — IDC is also the sole importer and distributor in Singapore and Malaysia for John Stone Fine Foods which produces, in Ireland, some of the finest dry-aged grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb and wild-caught Atlantic salmon in the world. Through the development of a strong partnership with the Irish government and Bord Bia, IDC has been able to position itself as the leading source of quality Irish products in Southeast Asia with plans to expand exponentially throughout the region.

Irish Hampshire Pork is currently available at Grand Imperial Restaurants around Malaysia, with plans to include more restaurant partners in KL and Johor in the near future. While Irish Hampshire Pork is currently only available to B2B customers, IDC is also working to establish partnerships with retail outlets for the distribution of the product directly to consumers.

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