I’m no Julia Child or Jamie Oliver, but I’m a decent home cook and reserve a couple of heirloom recipes in my repertoire too.

Fact is, most of us don’t run restaurants and professional kitchens every day. It’s about figuring out what to put on the dinner table or experimenting with new foods.

Sometimes I try out established recipes for the joy of cooking, but it’s also to challenge myself to achieve something new.

More often not, however, I have no set menu to rely on and just make the best of the ingredients I find in the fridge or give leftovers a new life. And the keywords to my cooking are: SIMPLE, EASY and QUICK!

Easy DIY fettuccine

Could have been a pie

Make your own nasi lemak sambal

Spicy starfruit, anyone?

Szechuan hot and sour soup

Homestyle kimchi

Sweet Spicy Teriyaki Fishcake