Smile and Say Cheese!

Smile and Say Cheese!

Just 2 days after we dropped by at Say Cheese Cafe in Bukit Jalil, BAM! MCO (Movement Control Order) was declared and there would not be any dining in for a while.

It seemed rude to post a food review when we were supposed to stay home and all you get is delivery which takes away from the actual dining experience. Most restaurants were not operating with their usual menus anyway.

Since there were 5 of us, the servers helped us push some tables together, and there was one particularly helpful, jovial guy. Turns out that was chef David Wong himself, making sure we were all comfortably seated. Talk about being hands-on!

The irony was that we went all the way there because we were attracted to the idea of food slathered with cheese, but in the end, the stuff we ordered hardly had that much cheese.

As things slowly get back to a sense of normalcy, perhaps it’s time to go cafe exploring again.

Here’s a quick look at what we ordered:

Redhat Chicken Burger (RM25) – This was unexpectedly good as the homemade chicken patty was nice, thick and juicy. I wish the combo came with proper fries though, rather than just crisps. In fact, most of the mains all came with crisps. The French Fries (RM10) on the side was very good; wish they could have just thrown in some with the main dishes.

Baked Chicken Chop (RM28) – had lovely layers of flavour, sweetish with a tinge of sour in the honey lemon sauce, came with a side of salad and crisps.

Pesto Yogurt Cheese Pasta (RM19) – quite unusual, with salmon bits and the yogurt cheese sauce in a separate bowl to be poured over the spaghetti. Creamy without being too thick on the tongue, we rather enjoyed this variation.

Cheese Stuffed Pork Burger (RM28) – not exactly something you want to tackle in one bite at a go, as the cheesy centre oozes out. The pork patty was a wee bit dry, but this was compensated by the cheese.

We didn’t try signature the BBQ Premium Pork Chop (RM45), that came with the option with cheese lava add-on for an extra RM7 as we were too full by then. Maybe next time.

There are also rice options for those who can’t do without their usual carbo intake.

Prices can be on the high side for some items, but then again, this isn’t some fast food joint as you have a bona fide chef churning out the dishes personally.

Now that we’re in RMCO (Recovery MCO) mode, it’s time to get cheesy and pay the cafe another visit.