Stamina food at Sutadon-ya

Stamina food at Sutadon-ya

Japanese rice bowl chain brand “Densetsu no Sutadon-ya” opened their first Malaysian outlet in Lot 10, KL earlier this month. Owned and operated by Antworks Co Ltd, Densetsu no Sutadon-ya started off in Tokyo in 1971 and now sells their signature dish in 198 outlets across Japan. 

Sutadon-ya originated as a hearty meal for a Tokyo shop’s staff and went viral in the traditional way – by word of mouth. The name comes from the word “stamina” and “donburi” (rice-bowl dish), and Sutadon-ya is rapidly expanding across the globe, finally landing on Malaysian shores this 2023.

The menu draws from their most popular dishes in Japan alongside international favourites. Their signature dish is the popular Tokyo Stamina Rice which consists of a bowl of thinly sliced pork doused with a special garlic-soy sauce heaped onto a bowl of warm Japanese rice. The menu is rounded out with classics such as Tokyo Stamina Curry, a mild Japanese curry loaded with onions and garlic, and Tokyo Stamina Fried Chicken, a karaage bursting with garlicky goodness and much more.

Double Chicken katsu set
Stamina curry

I tried the Eel Set which was steamed egg with eel. Unlike the usual Japanese chawan mushi, this was wetter and had more gravy, more depth and umami. Was great with rice, which by the way, was quite different as the grains were larger and stickier, more like glutinous rice, and was quite fragrant on its own. 

Stamina Eel

Also tried the Okyo Stamina Meal which had takoyaki, the signature garlic soy sauce pork slices and a choice of three toppings. Quite a filling set as the portions are largish, and rhe sliced pork lived up its reputation as it was tasty and tender.

Okyo set

Meal sets start from RM35 with a number of interesting side dishes to choose from as well as an attractive take out bento menu.

They’ve also got interesting drinks.

Add: Level 4, J’s Gate Dining, Lot 10, Jln Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.