Hale and hearty Meat Feds

Hale and hearty Meat Feds

Truffle Siew Yuk is something carried over from chef Yenni Law’s Meatology days. At her new resto Meat Feds in Taman Paramount, roast pork is paired with noodles, similar to wantan mee taken up several notches. Noodles packed with umami and a touch of sweetness (thanks to gula melaka) in the same mouthful as crusty skin, succulent pork, littered with bits of fragrant truffle. What’s not to like?

That’s a good representation of Meat Fed’s menu, laying it out there and letting her food speak for itself.

After 17 years, Meatolology in TTDI called it a day, casualty of one lockdown too many. I was ecstatic when Yenni decided to open a new resto again after a short break, and right in my hood! Quality food at very affordable prices, sharing space as wine bar Psychotic Operator – chilled ambience and wine sold at practically supermart prices – a winning formula, for sure!

I’ve since been back several times and some of the standouts for me include the robust Beef Stew bourguignon (RM23), slow-cooked in a whole bottle of Burgundy – lunch version that comes with blue rice and omelette (RM26); fall-off tender Backyard BBQ Ribs in a sweetish BBQ sauce (RM36), not unlike Chinese char siew, Babi Hutan Spaghetti (RM24) or with just the right balance of spiciness and kick. Short of gushing, everything in the menu is good la…

We love charred Octopussy (RM12), perfectly grilled and not too chewy/tough; Slow Crawlers (RM19), creamy escargot in a fusion of French ecstasy with Asian edge; the simple but fulfilling Cauliflower Bacon soup (RM13).

The name Poison Pork is genius marketing – you know how sometimes there’s leftover Siew Yuk and mum fries it the next day in dark soya sauce? This is exactly it – camarelised Siew Yuk with chillies, garlic and … crackling! Can be a bit hard on the jaws, but grows on you, and splendid with a glass of wine. Only thing was the truffle fries (RM17) – on its own, the thin fries (RM10) were great, nice and crispy, but fatter ones with truffle oil would have had more oomph as the truffle bits was mostly on top.

Piece de resistance is the Caveman Pork, enough for 4, comes with blue cheese sauce and truffle. Savour every bite of this well-marinated, juicy white Spanish tomahawk with perfect doneness and texture, coz it disappears real fast! Award-winning chef Yenni is renowned for her skill in cooking meats and here, she offers various wagyu cuts, Picanha Wagyu and Rump Wagyu, Thin Skirt Hereford and Argentinian Striploin. Not big on beef or pork? There’s Smoked Chicken and New Zealand Lamb too.

Not that many dessert choices but a must try is the homemade Rum and Raisin ice cream – rich and topped with rum-soaked raisins! Meat Feds has also added a cheese plater and cold cuts to the menu, perfect for those who wanna enjoy the good wines and linger.

Add: 7, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya. tel:  011-3313 2329