Feasting at Foodies Gourmet Market and Cafe

Feasting at Foodies Gourmet Market and Cafe

Good quality, well-made sausages are not easy to find in Malaysia, otherwise they probably cost a bomb. Which was why it was so delightful to find juicy, superior and flavourful sausages – chicken, lamb and beef – at Foodies Gourmet Market and Cafe in Kinrara.

Uncooked sausages, meat cuts and other foodstuff are also for sale at the market in the front half of the resto. The cafe itself is simple and straightforward, nothing fancy, just a place to have a good meal at very affordable prices. The menu is styled like a typical British deli with only top quality and halal meat, sausages and other products offered here, categorised into Ready2Cook and Ready2Eat products. Apart from spices and sauces, there are breads and cakes, gourmet items, and even knives sold at Foodies’.

During this food review, we were presented with almost the whole gamut from the menu, from basic fish and chips to sausages and grass-fed steak, and for me, the Grilled lamb and the German chicken sausages (RM30/RM31 each), meant to be sharing plates, stood out; both were really sumptuous, juicy and flavourful. Some might find the lamb somewhat gamey, but I loved it. The starch came in nice, thick potato wedges that were crisp on the outside and fluffy inside.

Rather than the cheaper dory fish which most restos use for fish and chips, Foodies’ use New Zealand ocean perch which offer better texture and taste (RM25). It’s hard to go wrong with Smoked Duck, and this came with cubed apples on top of the apple chutney (RM30) a refreshing combination of sweet and salty flavours. Another version of this is the Chef Signature Smoked Duck quiche (RM20) which was a winner, a complete meal by itself for one person.

For those who seek comfort food, there’s Housemade Chicken Meatballs and Pasta (RM20) and Beef Goulash (RM21). The meatballs were OK but I refer beef for more texture and a heartier bite, while the beef stew, pieces of wagyu cooked for hours, melded into the gravy and scooped up with French baguette, soothes the soul on a balmy day.

The lamb in the Spicy Korean style lamb chops (RM36) was tender and moist, and I like it as it is, but for want of something different, gochujang sauce amped up the flavours and got the mouth juices flowing. A good old-fashioned Grilled Ribeye Steak (RM53/ about 200g) is always a joy and put alongside the Pure Grassfed steak (RM42) – grilled Australian striploin – comes with a choice of mushroom or black pepper sauce – the latter had a slight upper hand, though steak aficionados might beg to differ. Foodies’ is probably one of the few places in town where you can enjoy good quality steak at these steal prices.

We also tried the Awesome Wagyu Burger (RM32) – premium beef patty with sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, caramelised onion, katsu mayo, cheese in between soft brioche – which was true to its awesome moniker while Fillet Chicken with Katsu sauce Sandwich (RM20) – crispy fried chicken with tonkatsu sauce, mushroom, fried egg as well as salad – is a poultry version with Asian accent.

Dessert was XL Doughnut with Fresh Cream, chocolate sauce and strawberry jam and fried banana fritter with Kikoman sauce. Needless to say, we all sat food comatosed and only coz we had good doses of Illy coffee that kept us from slumber, that we could muster energy to buy some more food from the market section! I’m almost grateful that Foodies’ is a bit of a distance from my house, otherwise I’ll definitely put on even more weight!

No.29, Jalan BK5A/3A, Bandar Kinrara 5, Puchong. Tel: 0122135277.