Chill brunch at Slow Coffee

Chill brunch at Slow Coffee

First cafe outing for 2021 at Slow Coffee @The Hubs, SS2 in Petaling Jaya. Hopefully it won’t be the last for some time, as the number of Covid cases are on the rise again.

‘Twas so nice to be out and about with my girlfriend Jo, and for a while, it almost felt like things were back to normal, as there was a good healthy crowd and if not for the face masks, it didn’t feel any different from any other day out … in 2019. Reminiscent of the once trending industrial mode, the cafe’s decor banked on grey benches, hanging white lamps and simple, clean lines accented with brown wood.

Slow Coffee has been around for more than a year and while I’ve tried their pancakes, I never really had brunch here. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of food served.

We had Baked Eggs with Chorizo (RM26), and this was clearly a crowd favourite as every other table seemed to order this too. The eggs had a nice consistency, spread over a bed of minced beef/chorizo with a marinara base, it reminded me of lasagna without the filling pasta sheets. It was an excellent choice for us girls who didn’t want something too heavy as we used the toasts to scoop up the beefy goodness.

The other dish we ordered was Eggs Benedict with Pulled Chicken (RM21). The eggs were done nicely runny at the centre – you would think this would be a given for egg benedict but not every cafe gets it right – and we loved that it had a bit of bite to it with the chicken that had a hint of smoky bbq.

The fact that these two dishes came with meat made my day as I really hate how so many self-declared ‘Australian-styled’ brunch places offer fancy egg variations at even fancier prices and it is just … EGG! Heck, even the most expensive organic kampung egg laid by the most precious chicken can’t cost that much, right?!!

The rest of the menu looked pretty inviting too … sliders with prawn katsu, open faced sourdough sandwiches, chicken confit, baked baramundi …. definitely worth a second and a few more visits.

When Jo asked, do we skip desert … I said NO! I’m so glad we ordered the Pu-Erh Souffle Pancake (RM18). Loved how it’s so light and fluffy and jiggly, like a marriage between cotton candy and pavlova, minus the sweetness, minus the guilt. Came with a side of tea granola, crumble, vanilla syrup and a scoop of pu-er gelato. There are other interesting pancakes and waffles on the menu too so if you just wanna have something sweet, this is a good dessert stop. We were also eyeing the cakes which looked quite tempting from the usual fare.

When at Slow Coffee, surely we must have our caffeine fix, and that we did. They offer a good blend, and you have a choice of single origin beans too.

I want to say this is a good place to chill and enjoy a slow coffee but these days, we’re not exactly encouraged to do that so … drop by to try the souffle pancake. That alone is worth the trouble.

Add: B-G-03, The Hub SS2, 19 Sentral, Jalan Harapan, Petaling Jaya