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Tiger beer amps up Dragon power

Tiger beer amps up Dragon power

In Chinese culture, the dragon is deemed to be a strong and desirable zodiac symbol. When coupled with the spirit of the tiger, they represent a formidable force. This is why Tiger Beer is encouraging consumers to recognise their courageous achievements and set even bolder 

Enter the Tiger’s Den

Enter the Tiger’s Den

Tiger has been on a journey of overcoming the odds since 1932, and the brand believes that much of its success is owed to its loyal fans.  This is why the bold lager has brought to life the Tiger Den – dubbed as the home 

Celebrate bold beginnings with Tiger Beer this CNY

Celebrate bold beginnings with Tiger Beer this CNY

Tiger Beer roars into the Chinese New Year with a renewed spirit with its ‘Cheers to Bold Beginnings’ campaign. The notion is all about celebrating moments of reflection, as we recognize our past courage while gearing up for a bolder tomorrow. Tiger wants its fans to uncage the spirit of “Gan Gan Chong” with the boldness to break through with courage as we march into the Year of the Rabbit with exciting activities, promotions and giveaways.  

Tiger is spreading the festive cheer through the vibrant décor depicting streets of Chinatown at the concourse areas of selected malls, namely, Tropicana Gardens Mall in the Klang Valley, Queensbay Mall in Penang and Ipoh Parade in ipoh. These activations will be ongoing until the end of January 2023. Consumers will have a chance to take home limited-edition CNY premiums such as the Tiger rummy set, Tiger bowl set, or even exclusive Pestle and Mortar Clothing (PMC) merchandise, among others.

As for fans who will be purchasing their favourite HEINEKEN Malaysia brews at selected hypermarkets and supermarkets, not only will they get to enjoy Heineken®, Tiger Beer, Tiger Crystal and Guinness Foreign Extra Strout in exclusive festive packaging, but they can bring home exciting merchandise too. The most sought-after gift, the exclusive Tiger Rummy Set will be given for free to those who purchase two cartons of Heineken, one carton of Tiger Crystal or 16 cans of Edelweiss. Also, with every RM200 purchase of Heineken, shoppers can bring home their very own Heineken Dining Set. Furthermore, those who buy a carton of Tiger Beer and a carton of Tiger Crystal, or three cartons of Tiger Beer can get their hands on the Tiger Ceramic Bowl Set. The exclusive Guinness Serving Tray will be given to those who purchase RM200 worth of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout or Guinness Draught in a Can. 

At selected 99 Speedmarts, those who buy two cartons (48 cans) of participating HEINEKEN Malaysia brews will receive a two-piece glass container set. On the other hand, at selected convenience stores, those who spend above RM18 of participating HEINEKEN Malaysia brands stand to win an iPhone 14 or RM88 Touch and Go e-Wallet credit when they participate in the contest. 

Tiger is also bringing the festive cheer to selected coffee shops and food courts with lion dances and ‘Choi San Yeh’ (God of Prosperity). Various stage performances, as well as enticing promotions and lucky draws are on till end Jan 2023. Patrons who purchase big bottles of Tiger, Tiger Crystal, Heineken and Guinness can check under their bottle caps to see if they received a ‘Star’, ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ character liner. One ‘Star’ bottle cap liner wins consumers a 10g, 99.9% Tiger Gold Coin. One ‘A’ liner allows the redemption of RM888 cash prize, while those with a ‘B’ Liner will get RM188 cash prize. Those who collect 12 of the ‘C’ bottle cap liners will get to take home a Tiger CNY Bowl set. 

“With the Year of the Rabbit, we wanted to celebrate the spirit of ‘Gan Gan Chong’ with fans of the brand. This is the time to take a pause to really celebrate the past moments and successes with our loved ones and re-energise our inner tiger for a bolder beginning to the year ahead. With our exciting activities and promotions, our consumers can elevate their celebrations as they march forward boldly while bonding with friends and loved ones. Stay tuned for more updates, as we even have a unique collaboration with local artists coming up too,” said Joyce Lim, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer Malaysia. 

For more information on the Tiger CNY 2023 campaign, merchandise, contest and giveaways, check out https://tigercny2023.tigerbeer.com/

Pursuing your passion with Tiger Beer

Pursuing your passion with Tiger Beer

Our courage to push forward is often held back by the fear of failure and judgment. Tiger Beer is no different. Before 1932, it was widely believed that you couldn’t brew beer in the Asian heat – beers at the time were of European origin. 

The Year of the Tiger roars in with Tiger Beer

The Year of the Tiger roars in with Tiger Beer

This year, 2022, is especially significant for Tiger Beer as it is the Year of the Tiger. To uncage the festive cheer, Tiger Beer has partnered with Son Heung-Min, a football icon from South Korea, in conjunction with the Lunar New Year celebrations to ignite 



The Street Food Virtual Festival is back this year, with an epic collision between street food and an integral part of street culture – streetwear. The local streetwear scene has always been a way for people to express themselves and is influenced by the many ways of life here, just like the street food flavours.

The mash up aims to bring the two cultures together to create an extraordinary experience for fans, while breaking the boundaries of street food. Tiger has partnered with renowned local streetwear brands to curate two limited-edition streetwear apparels each from EK Collective, TNT Co, The Swagger Salon, Eversince, Pestle & Mortar, and Dissyco.

One of the two streetwear merchandise will be included in the Hypefeast Drop, which comes with the street food dish that inspired the exclusive apparel, as well as a Tiger Beer and a Tiger Crystal. Limited quantity is available on a first come first served basis for fans residing in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru and Ipoh. The Hype Store within the virtual world will showcase one brand each week for fans to make their purchases. The other limited-edition merchandise will be available for anyone at the virtual festival to purchase at the Hype Store.

As part of Tiger’s consistent efforts to support the local street food scene, over 100 street food vendors that serve both classic and innovative dishes will available at the festival.  

While fans from all over the country can attend the festival, food deliveries are only available for those residing in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, and Johor Bahru. Festivalgoers from these regions will be able to enjoy delectable street food varieties, as long as they are within 10km radius from the vendors. Launched on Friday, November 12, Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival will continue for six weeks – every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, and from 11am until 9pm. 

Another unique highlight at the virtual festival is the Tiger Coins – fans can easily earn these coins when they take part in fun games and activities, and even from their food and beer purchases. The Tiger Coins can then be used to redeem vouchers to purchase even more dishes, beers, and exclusive merchandises. 

Festivalgoers can express themselves through the exclusive streetwear apparels on their avatars from the Xclusive Store and earn even more Tiger Coins when they take an OOTD within the virtual world and share it on their social media platforms. Other ways to earn them are by playing the exciting Street Food Dash and Streetwear Hunt games at the festival. The avatars of Lizz Chloe and Joshua Michael will be there to host festivalgoers and bring them through the mechanics of the games. 

While fans explore the virtual streets and interact with one another, they will also get to enjoy RM30 off with a minimum spend of RM160 on Tiger Beer or Tiger Crystal, excluding bundle deals, with the use of the promo code STREETFOOD30. More information and exclusive promotions can be found at www.drinkies.my.  

Other promos include two 6-can packs or a carton of Tiger Beer or Tiger Crystal at hypermarkets and supermarkets to get RM5 and RM10 foodpanda vouchers respectively. Meanwhile, at convenience stores, fans can get foodpanda vouchers worth RM2 each when they purchase three cans of Tiger products. Consumers who order from selected participating local street food vendors on foodpanda will enjoy RM2 off their purchases of big bottles of Tiger products as well.

“The previous Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival garnered an over 101,000 total unique visitors and together, we helped 88 various local street food vendors gain the recognition they deserved. This year, we have made the festival bigger by expanding into more cities so fans can immerse themselves in the virtual world where street food and streetwear cultures collide. We hope the 6-week-long festivities will bring something fresh to the table for our fans so they can Xperience the Xtraordinary,” said Joyce Lim, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer. 

Fans can be part of the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival by signing up at www.tigerstreetfood.my, and earn one free can of Tiger Crystal, while stocks last. 

Tiger Beer, the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival, and all related promotions are open to non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.

For more information about Tiger Beer and Tiger Crystal, visit www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY or follow @tigerbeermy on Instagram.

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Tiger brings on the ‘Ong”

Tiger brings on the ‘Ong”

Since we can’t meet up and have our traditional Yum Seng and Lo Sang get-togethers due to the pandemic, Tiger brings the ‘Ong’ to the media and trade partners instead, with an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) twist. The Tiger ONG Box contains everything guests would 

Tiger out to save Malaysian Street Food

Tiger out to save Malaysian Street Food

Tiger Beer is donating RM1.5 million to support Malaysian street food during the Movement Control Order (MCO). The funds will be used to help cover rent for street food vendors, coffee shops and food courts across the country as they face reduced income due to 

Tiger beer ushers in the Year of the Rat in roaring STYLE

Tiger beer ushers in the Year of the Rat in roaring STYLE

With Christmas barely over weeks ago, the season of the Rat is already on the way with shouts of ‘Huat ah’ already ringing in the air on Jan 1, if not earlier.

It’s double the Huat (prosperity) this Chinese New Year with Tiger Beer as the Year of the Rat ushers in a whole load of promotions and giveaways, in conjunction with the brew’s 88th anniversary.

Going all out, Tiger Beer has collaborated with renowned Malaysian singer-songwriter, Namewee to create a brand new music video for the Rat Year. Check it out, it’s pretty cool, but then again, our local boy never disappoints!

At Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Tiger Beer marked an early Lunar celebration by having a lion dance performance and Namewee as well as other invited guests perform right in front of the mall’s main entrance. After that, it was a roaring dinner at Grand Imperial and Chinese New Year was in full swing with shouts of ‘yam seng’ filling the whole restaurant!

Felt more like an exuberant Chinese wedding rather than a CNY celebration, but really, when there’s great food coupled with great drinks, it’s reason enough to celebrate!

The dinner was all about Heineken’s offering as Tiger Beer, Heineken, Guinness Stout, Tiger Crystal, Strongbow, Apple Fox and Heineken 0.0 were on free flow, but the dinner menu itself deserve a special mention as the starter, the traditional Yee Sang was quite unusual, made with fruits and nuts together with crispy fish skin rather than the conventional salmon and vegetables.

But the big eye-opener that had everyone god-smacked was the really ‘extra’ lobster starter, served in three different styles!

Among the other highlights were Iberico Ribs and fragrant lotus wrapped glutinous rice as well as a huge grouper for each table. Thank you Tiger Beer, for your appreciation dinner, we love you too!

There will be even more chances to get exclusive merchandise with festive giveaways such as Tiger Beer mahjong sets, Heineken® Poker sets, cash prizes and even gold coins up for grabs.

From now until mid-February, those who purchase any big bottle of Tiger Beer, Tiger Crystal, Heineken or Guinness Foreign Extra Stout at participating food courts or coffee shops can check underneath their bottle caps for three different Huat characters – “A”, “B’ and “C” – representing different prizes to be won.

The “A” bottle cap entitles consumers to a Huat Huat Ang Pow of RM888, a “B” bottle cap gives a redemption of a Huat Huat Ang Pow worth RM388, while 12 bottle caps marked “C”, or six Tiger Crystal bottle caps, allows customers to redeem one can of Tiger Crystal. 

In addition to getting chilled beers and ciders delivered directly to your door, various items including the exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong set and Heineken® Poker set are available with purchases by way of festive promo codes, check out www.drinkies.my

Consumers celebrating in selected bars and pubs have a shot at Premium Heineken Ang Pows which allow a personalised video message via QR code with the purchase of two bottles of Heineken 0.0.

For more deets on the promos, log on to www.tiger88.my