Tiger beer ushers in the Year of the Rat in roaring STYLE

Tiger beer ushers in the Year of the Rat in roaring STYLE

With Christmas barely over weeks ago, the season of the Rat is already on the way with shouts of ‘Huat ah’ already ringing in the air on Jan 1, if not earlier.

It’s double the Huat (prosperity) this Chinese New Year with Tiger Beer as the Year of the Rat ushers in a whole load of promotions and giveaways, in conjunction with the brew’s 88th anniversary.

Going all out, Tiger Beer has collaborated with renowned Malaysian singer-songwriter, Namewee to create a brand new music video for the Rat Year. Check it out, it’s pretty cool, but then again, our local boy never disappoints!

At Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Tiger Beer marked an early Lunar celebration by having a lion dance performance and Namewee as well as other invited guests perform right in front of the mall’s main entrance. After that, it was a roaring dinner at Grand Imperial and Chinese New Year was in full swing with shouts of ‘yam seng’ filling the whole restaurant!

Felt more like an exuberant Chinese wedding rather than a CNY celebration, but really, when there’s great food coupled with great drinks, it’s reason enough to celebrate!

The dinner was all about Heineken’s offering as Tiger Beer, Heineken, Guinness Stout, Tiger Crystal, Strongbow, Apple Fox and Heineken 0.0 were on free flow, but the dinner menu itself deserve a special mention as the starter, the traditional Yee Sang was quite unusual, made with fruits and nuts together with crispy fish skin rather than the conventional salmon and vegetables.

But the big eye-opener that had everyone god-smacked was the really ‘extra’ lobster starter, served in three different styles!

Among the other highlights were Iberico Ribs and fragrant lotus wrapped glutinous rice as well as a huge grouper for each table. Thank you Tiger Beer, for your appreciation dinner, we love you too!

There will be even more chances to get exclusive merchandise with festive giveaways such as Tiger Beer mahjong sets, Heineken® Poker sets, cash prizes and even gold coins up for grabs.

From now until mid-February, those who purchase any big bottle of Tiger Beer, Tiger Crystal, Heineken or Guinness Foreign Extra Stout at participating food courts or coffee shops can check underneath their bottle caps for three different Huat characters – “A”, “B’ and “C” – representing different prizes to be won.

The “A” bottle cap entitles consumers to a Huat Huat Ang Pow of RM888, a “B” bottle cap gives a redemption of a Huat Huat Ang Pow worth RM388, while 12 bottle caps marked “C”, or six Tiger Crystal bottle caps, allows customers to redeem one can of Tiger Crystal. 

In addition to getting chilled beers and ciders delivered directly to your door, various items including the exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong set and Heineken® Poker set are available with purchases by way of festive promo codes, check out www.drinkies.my

Consumers celebrating in selected bars and pubs have a shot at Premium Heineken Ang Pows which allow a personalised video message via QR code with the purchase of two bottles of Heineken 0.0.

For more deets on the promos, log on to www.tiger88.my