All fired up over The Charcoal Grill

All fired up over The Charcoal Grill

It was one of those days when we were circling Damansara Uptown for a nice place for lunch on Mother’s Day and stumbled on the newish The Charcoal Grill. This is a branch of the first one that opened in Kota Damansara. A quick sweep of menu ended up with us ordering Malaysian Rempah Chicken Chop, Signature Marinated Pork Chop and Pork and Beef Bolognaise.

This was the first time I’ve seen pasta plated this way. Looked deceivingly little but we couldn’t finish the portion despite having 3 guys at the table. Pasta had good texture (al dente Msian std) and flavours were on point. As were the rempah chicken – fragrant, without being overpowering, enough heat to spice things up. The Pork was tender and juicy, came with brown sauce.

What I really liked about this place is that most meat orders came with 2 side dishes that are chosen separately from a choice of 8 different things. The portions for the sides are generous and of good quality. For example, the Caesars salad was an actual salad with parmesan cheese and abundant leafy green. I’ve gone to places which give 2 pieces of lettuce and they call that a salad.

The corn came in a bowl which was a welcome surprise as then we didn’t have to dirty our hands handling the cob. I liked the potato options and super loved the grilled vegetables which has become a personal must-order. Makes me so happy to dine at a place which don’t stinge or screw up the side dishes. 

On another occasion we had the Pork burger which came in a charcoal bun. Generous juicy patty topped with an egg. Also the cish and fhips – you read right – that was butterfish – definitely a better fish than cheap tasteless dory. Also tried their onion soup – good stock base and generous melted cheese – only thing is they should give croutons rather than a full slice of bread. 

There’s also Balinese ribs and steak and tacos. For me, at this very reasonable price point, it’s one of the better Western joints which I see myself returning to.  Only thing is the parking can be challenging, but you can always park in the mall and walk over.

Add: 62G, Jalan SS 21/58, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. hp: 011-2631 3135