Souffle, pasta and so much more at Marco Creative Cuisine

Souffle, pasta and so much more at Marco Creative Cuisine

It’s been years since I’ve been to Marco Creative Cuisine. Back then, it was known as MM French Cafe (which stood for Miam Miam in French, meaning yummy). Lots have changed since but the famous souffle which made a sensation when it first came out, is still as inviting and indulgent as I remember it. Probably the first souffle offered by a cafe back then, Marco has evolved into so much more, offering delectable main courses and delicious pastas.

“Usually only available at French fine dining restaurants, we wanted more people to know and enjoy the souffle,” says chef Daren Leong.

After a change of hands, MM became Franco and later, when the brand was bought up, Daren rebranded to name the resto Marco – like the explorer… and his son.

Too early for dinner, Daren let us sample a couple of signature dishes which has since become firm favourites here. 

Carbonara – probably one of the few resto in KL and beyond that make carbonara correctly, with just egg yolk and cheese to achieve the creamy rich consistency, without cream or milk. This was simple yet thoroughly enjoyable, with the depth of the flavour of the bacon and pecorino coating each stand of the spaghetti. 

Wild Mushroom Rissoto is another standout dish here, comforting, soulful and satisfying. Each Arborio grain is still in tact, not mushy at all, yet melded into one complete entity. 

Our protein was Pork shoulder with Ikura glaze with pomme puree (mash potatoes). Beautifully sou vided, the meat was tender but not dry at all, flavour heightened by the ikura glaze. 

The extensive menu also offers a huge variety of pastas, steaks and even pork wellington. So much to discover here, so little stomach spaceā€¦

Add: Lot G146, Ground Floor (Old Wing), 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya. hp: 012-7731823