Von Hallers Gin celebrates extraordinary women

Von Hallers Gin celebrates extraordinary women

Von Hallers gins were inspired by the work of 18th century botanist and scientist Albrecht von Haller and made with botanicals from the historical Old Botanical Garden which he established in Göttingen, Germany.

Ben Ng, director of Drinks Alliance, introduced Von Haller’s Gin and its two new variants, Von Hallers Gin Blush and Von Hallers Gin Forest during the tasting session at Pahit bar in KL which came up with a choice menu of food and cocktails in conjunction with International Women’s Day Cocktail Week. The special menu will be available till end March

Von Hallers Gin
Count Carl Hardenberg Jr learned hand-distillation at The Shed Distillery in Drumshanboo, Co, Leitrim, Ireland, from its founder PJ Rigney. That led to the founding of Von Hallers Gin in 2018. When Carl returned to Germany, he began his quest starting from the Old Botanical Garden in Göttingen. Combining the botanicals from the garden and his family’s rich knowledge of spirits and liqueurs, Von Hallers Gin was born. The gin was initially distilled in Ireland but since 2020, production was moved to Germany and subsequently two new variants have been developed: Von Hallers Forest and Von Hallers Gin Blush.

VON HALLERS GIN is an aromatic, distinctive and pure gin. Its taste is refined with fresh botanicals such as calamus, also known as German ginger, lemon verbena and a special type of fuchsia from the botanical garden in Göttingen. These botanicals are slowly and gently distilled in traditional coppe stills using a slow-distilled process.

VON HALLERS GIN BLUSH discovers the secret pleasure regions of German seas of flowers: This gin combines its botanicals with lemon and grapefruit to create a unique bouquet of flavours. Already on the nose, BLUSH unfolds with a floral freshness that seems to waft straight from a sun-drenched flower garden. On the tongue, lavender notes play with chamomile aromas to create a delicate treat. And in the aftertaste, the gin lingers in the mouth – and in the memory, for a long time despite its summery lightness. These botanicals are slowly and gently distilled using a slow-distilled process in traditional copper stills – so they can later bloom fully in your glass.

VON HALLERS GIN FOREST holds the secrets of enjoyment of the German forest: This gin combines juniper berries with Swiss stone pine cones, bitter-bitter gentian and rhubarb root on a tasteful journey into the deepest German forests. The FOREST gets its natural shimmery colour from a light cedar wood storage. Already on the nose, FOREST unfolds with a forest spice with dense green and stimulating herbs. A spicy intensity reveals itself on the tongue. And yet, despite the strong aromas, FOREST always succeeds in what nature does: to keep the balance. These botanicals are slowly and gently distilled using a slow-distilled process in traditional copper stills – so that they later reach their
full maturity in your glass.

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