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Eating at The Choi’s

Eating at The Choi’s

I really like this hidden Korean Resto, @thechois_official in SS2 The Hub which I had my eye on for a while. We could get single portions of favs like beef and seafood jjampong, chicken tangsuyuk and beef doenjang, and prices were more than reasonable. Even 

Kimchi soup with chicken

Kimchi soup with chicken

I only learnt how to make Kimchi jiggae when No. 1 came back from UK and taught me how easy it was. So what’s the difference between kimchi soup and kimchi jiggae? The amount of water! The broth for the stew is just a little 

Homestyle KIMCHI

Homestyle KIMCHI

Do you kimchi? I kimchi. Everyone seems to be into fermented foods these days as it’s touted as the new health food, and kimchi is right up there with the rest of them.

I’m not the biggest fan of Korean food, but there are some dishes that have caught my fancy. It didn’t used to appeal to me in the past but as I get older, kimchi has become another essential in my fridge.

Followed the recipe from www.maangchi.com and it turned out much easier than I imagined. Her instructions were clear and straightforward, easy to follow.

Seemed pretty daunting at first but it’s sink or swim, so bought 5kg of cabbage, rolled up my sleeves and did the deed.

This is what 5kg of cabbage looks like.

First surprise – there’s no vinegar in kimchi! The sourness comes from the natural fermentation process. While the actual making process was easy, the devil was in the preparations as it took time for everything to be cut and sliced finely.

Getting the ingredients ready for the paste

On TV, you always see Korean women donning gloves when cooking and it’s such a hassle. But I learnt that gloves made a lot of sense in kimchi-making if you don’t want your hands to burn for hours after that!

It’s a hands-on job mixing everything together!

Achievement unlocked, and I’m well on my way to being a bona fide ajumma, so says No. 1 son. So, over the next few weeks, there’s going to be kimchi jiggae, kimchi pancake (pajeon), kimchi fried rice… Don’t know what to cook for dinner tonight? Let’s have some more kimchi! LOL!

All ready to be bottled up and served later.

Also learnt something new – kimchi that’s just a day old tastes amazingly fresh and appetising, and is less tart. No wonder in K-dramas, you see the mothers offering freshly made kimchi to close relatives or guests at meals.