Topshelf offers French with Asian flair

Topshelf offers French with Asian flair

Topshelf proves why it’s still one of the top places for fine dining in KL after 12 years, with its exquisite dishes courtesy of chef Chris Yee. Haven’t been there for years, and now it’s expanded and renovated to encompass a much bigger space, including an upstairs area for private events or when there’s customer spillover.

Raising the bar with French cuisine, and tweaked according to local nuances, dishes here are classic yet not quite, with inspiring flavours that leave you asking for more. 

If we didn’t already know it was Burnt cabbage and Truffle, it would have had us guessing what exotic dish it was, given its umami and almost meaty flavour, thanks to being laced with truffle. Braised in stock and charcoal grilled, it’s served with white wine and chilli oil, sprinkled with bacon bits.

The Spanish Octopus Salad, firm and springy, had a unique flavour, slow cooked in olive oil and herbs and given the charcoal treatment. The spicy harissa sauce, along with the crispy duck fat potatoes complemented the polpo well.

Freshwater prawn with fregola, which is somewhat like a cross between couscous and Calrose rice, reminiscent of risotto but not quite. was cooked cooked in white wine, lobster broth and sundried tomatoes. Quite decadent indeed.

These new dishes, along with dessert, a totally new creation, so new that it didn’t quite have a name yet when we went, will grace the new menu.  

Add:  61, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, hp: 011-6177 7277