Enjoying the sea’s treasures at Oversea seafood

Enjoying the sea’s treasures at Oversea seafood

Renowned for its Chinese cuisine, the Oversea Group of Restaurants’ latest outlet at TREC, KL, features pork-free seafood dishes with a tank-to-table concert. Super fresh seafood gets delivered via an innovative conveyor belt from the tanks directly to the kitchen.

The OTT decor blew me away as I half expected to see Ursula, the sea witch from Little Mermaid, to pop out from the stairways, thanks to the giant octopus tentacles reaching out towards diners. The immersive dining experience is further enhanced by a LED-ceiling screen showing underwater scenes on the ceiling. You can’t help but look up and stare, and even the opulent washrooms were something to shout about, dressed in shimmering tiles with ‘shells’ as taps and basins.

Of course, the star of this place is the seafood menu and you can choose expensive fish, huge tiger prawns, oysters, lobsters, abalone and more, and those not big on seafood, not to worry as there’s a diverse selection available for you too. But wait, the media was invited to eat, and what a feast it was!

We started off with Braised Assorted Seafood Soup with Eight Treasures, naturally sweetened with seafoody goodness. The other seafood dishes all came out together:

*Streamed Turbot Fish with Chilli and Superior Soy Sauce – beautifully steamed despite so large a fish, its flesh still succulent and firm.

*House Special Giant Freshwater Prawns – the chunky flesh was springy, a clear sign of its freshness, and the tasty sauce similar to kam heong. 

9*Indonesian Mud Crab with Chilli with mini croissant – conventional sweet sour style, but well-delivered, good quality meaty crabs. Although I prefer mantou to the mini croissants which would have absorbed the gravy better. 

*Steamed Japanese Scallop with garlic and vermicelli, largest scallops I’ve come across, juicy and springy flesh. Love this. 

The Black Truffle Fried Rice with Japanese Scallop was everyone’s fav – fragrant with truffle, while the ebiko provided texture and bite. Each grain was nicely separated as it should be for fried rice, yet mixed well for a balanced flavour.

*Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables provided our green quota while refreshing Chilled Citron Tea with Snow Fungus and Peach Gum was a fitting refreshing dessert to the lovely meal. 

Make a trip to Oversea Seafood, even it’s just to gawk at the decor. Quite a sight indeed, and the food is definitely praiseworthy.  

Add: 436, Jalan Tun Razak, near Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor, Kuala Lumpur. HP: 010-303 2200