Going the full Aliyaa Sri Lankan experience

Going the full Aliyaa Sri Lankan experience

One cuisine I don’t get to eat often enough is Sri Lankan food. For a great introduction to Sri Lankan cuisine, the full Aliyaa experience is highly recommended by chef Siva, comprising a set of tasting dishes of the following: Crab samosa; Atukkal rasam; Fish sothi ; Prawn varuval; Deviled chicken; Mutton curry; Cashew nut paal curry; Brinjal moju; Nei soru; Nethili sambol; Vallarai and carrot sambol; Papadam and chilli; Sweet apam.

At RM128/set/pax (min 2), you get the full treatment from starter to dessert, top notch curries and flavourful sambol unlike any others you get outside. The blend of spices and flavours was exquisite, as we combined with curries with nei soru (ghee rice) and string hoppers.

Before this, we had Fish Cutlets which looked like golf balls, comprising flaked mackerel and spices. Crusty outside, soft and flavourful inside, the dish was further amped up with onion sauce.

We had all that and more – Crab curry – creamy yet not too thick, rich yet not OTT, with enough heat to tease. Best part was the chunks of crab meat was already deshelled – clear winner in our books.

The Chef Siva’s Tiger prawn negombo – humongous prawns that were fleshy, sweet and succulent – came slathered in a thick curry and was luxurious, both in taste and on the pocket.

Kothu roti was prepared on-site where the chef mixed everything on the spot in a hot-stone pot. Reminiscent of CKT with a spicy edge, this was super tasty and a top draw here. 

Besides, apam, we also tried Wattalappam, classic steamed custard pudding of coconut milk, eggs and spices, delicately sweetened with jaggery.

Roll us out of the resto, will ya, we were that full. It was the perfect end note to our Sri Lankan excursion at Aliyaa.

Add: No 48 G&M, Jalan Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. HP: 017-883 3738