French finesse at Chateau Dionne

French finesse at Chateau Dionne

I’d like to say chef Andy Choy is the Canelé King but then, his soufflé is also to die for, and now that I’ve tasted his Beef Wellington, I’m definitely in heaven. 

With the sleek bar at the front and intimate dining area inside and romantic pseudo art galley space upstairs, one could be forgiven for imagining you’re dining somewhere in Paris instead. Part owner and executive chef of Chateau Dionne, Andy Choy  is charmingly modest about his amazing food. From his truffle butter, shaped like a canelé, to lovely freshly house-made breads, exquisite amuse bouche of Gruyere Cheese with Basil Powder Choux and Crispy Parmesan Tuille to the signature Cold Capellini with Kaviari Kristal Caviar and Truffle Ponzu, I feel the love poured into the making of each dish and devotion to details. Though not really French, the capellini has become a house staple due to popular demand. And rightly so as the springy pasta, made in-house, absorbs the truffle ponzu wholeheartedly and makes you believe the world is right again with each mouthful.

Long before Gordon Ramsay started the Beef Wellington trend here with his resto, CD was already serving this. Try as he might to omit this from his menu, Andy has relented as diners can’t seem to get enough of it. The pastry flaky, crisp and fluffy, the meat pink and meltingly tender, accompanied by feisty Madeira and black truffle sauce, the perfect lubricant to deliver art in  meaty composition. 

I’m left speechless with the Pan Seared Foie Gras with Port Wine Shallot and Almond Florentine as it was that good, luxurious and decadent.

After a short refreshing palate cleanser of Yuzu Sorbet with Limoncello for a breather, the meal was brought to a climactic end with the Sansho Grand Marnier Souffle Dark Chocolate Orange and Vanilla Ice Cream. IMO, no one does a souffle quite like Andy does and he’s done plenty, 13,500 to be exact, and counting. 

Lunch comes to a close with petit fours of canele and chocolate truffle.

If food be the language of love, I’d say Andy is a deity!

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