Sood Yod is so good

Sood Yod is so good

Saw someone posting about Sood yod Thai (which means delicious) and tried it out with the family. “Flavours of Chiangmai” was flaunted at the front and on the wall inside. 

Featuring one-dish noodles mostly, and a couple of rice dishes like Khao Kah Mu (braised pork leg with rice), popular starters and sides like Moo Ping, fish cake, crab cake and papaya salad, the 2-page menu is otherwise quite a straightforward.

I had Khao soi as it’s not easy to come across this dish. It was creamy, rich but not overbearing, slightly sweet and the crispy noodles softened quickly when drenched in the gravy. Came with a chicken drumstick. Quite tasty – happy with my choice. 

No. 2 chose green curry with vermicelli which came separately to be dunked into the curry. Pleasant with a number of pieces of chicken. I found it mild but No. 2 surprisingly found this spicy. Granted he’s not good with spice but usually he’s ok with green curry. Maybe some hidden chillies?

The other half had laksa. Plenty of ribs, cogulated blood and other ingredients. But surprisngly, this was super mild, too subtle in flavour despite the red soup. Nothing some chilli flakes and fish sauce couldn’t fix!

We also had tomyum which had 3 huge tiger prawns and some crabcake. Just over four months old, the resto is bright and welcoming. Prices are very reasonable given today’s inflation. Can see myself coming by regularly in the days to come. 

Add: 71, Jalan SS 25/2, Taman Bukit Emas, Petaling Jaya. hp: 017-3955069