Crafting beers with Boston Brewing

Crafting beers with Boston Brewing

Was at a cool craft beer tasting and food pairing of Boston Brewing Co. recently. Most of us assumed the beer was from Boston, US coz of the name but it’s actually Australian!

An excellent offering of craft beers, Boston Brewing Co. was established in 2011. One of the first breweries in the Great Southern Region of Australia, it’s a 4.5 hours drive south-east of Perth in the country town of Denmark, Western Australia. It now also has a second venue in Victoria Park.

The brewery produces an extensive range and we had a chance to try 5 of them, starting with the Afterglose Raspberry glose. Well, 6 if you count Peaceful Bay, a very light Session Pale Ale (3.5%ALC) that went down smooth and very easily, a welcome soother after braving the mad traffic. The Afterglose Raspberry which had a touch of salt and a sourish edge rather than sweet, may not go down well with everyone but it was perfectly paired with the Sweet Chilli Chicken Wings. Probably one of the best pairing for the nite.

Boondie rye pale ale had a more familiar taste, lightly citrus with bitter finish and medium body, and washed down the Picanha Steak with Crispy Chat Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus, spring onion airlines splendidly. 

Squeeze NEIPA (New England India Pale Ale) carried a nice lemony bouquet, mild bitter finish which can be deceiving as this hits at 6.5%ACL. Drink one too many and too fast, and you’re a goner! This went with Spanish tomato prawns with pineapple skewer.

The Persian lamb pot pie was paired with a lighter Great Southern IPA, a fair contrast against the heavy flavour of meat and herbs. Light tropical fruity with clean finish. The pot pie here was interesting too as it was closer to curry rather than English pie, boasting strong herbs and spices. One of rhe most popular GB around, Tingletop Ginger Beer, not too sweet compared to other versions and with 3.5%ALC to go with Spiced Apple Tarte Tartin and vanilla ice cream it can still make you tipsy!

Food was by @solh_kl

Thank you @Bostonbrewingco and @midiasiadrinks for hosting!