Premium food awaits at New Harvest

Premium food awaits at New Harvest

Who’d knew all the way in Klang town there’d be a resto famed for its premium dishes? New Harvest Restaurant in Klang offers classic fine Cantonese cuisine by chef Simon Lee. Having been around for 21 years, we’re obviously late to the party but better late than never!

To start, we had an old school Stir Fried Scrambled Egg with Crabmeat, flossy and crispy egg bits mingling with crabmeat, pine nuts and water chestnut. Eat this by heaping a spoonful or two on a piece of fresh lettuce and a touch of chilli sauce. Exquisite and full of texture, it brought back memories for me. There’s also an option to have this with sharks’ fin.

The Signature Braised Abalone with Goose Webs came with a three-head Australian abalone, sitting in a thick, rich gravy. Indulgent and robust, the juicy abalone was perfect accompaniment to the superbly braised tender web. An excellent soup boasting layers of flavours, having simmered for hours with premium ingredients, made up the base of the delicious Signature Shark’s Fin Soup with fish maw. 

Chicken Rice was on a whole new level. Rice came in a claypot, after being lightly fried, then steamed together with pandan and ginger. So fragrant and tasty, I would enjoy this on its own and found it hard to not have another bowl despite my no-carb rule. Poached chicken was free-range Holland from a farm in Ijok, Selangor, smooth, silky, sweet with its own juices. Of course, there’s delicious housemade ginger sauce too. The chickens are specially bred, and at least 6 months old. And given Klang prices, a song at RM145 for 10 pax.

Even the Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables were different, crunchy with almonds, baby corn, shimeji mushrooms, celery, sugar peas and celery. Prawns came with Pumpkin Buttermilk Prawns, a lovely golden, creamy sauce, accented with curry leaves.

The oh-so-tender Wooi Wor Yook or braised pork belly reminded me of tong poh yoke, except the depth of the sauce hit differently, but in a good way, maybe because one of the secret ingredients  was peanut butter. Beautiful sticky gravy worthy of mantou and more. Not a peanut butter fan so this was just ok for me, but the meat certainly won me over. I’m already planning when I can have my next meal at New Harvest …

Add: 19, Jalan Goh Hock Huat, Kawasan 18, Klang. Tel: 03-3345 2288