Mediterranean fare at Day Dreamers Cafe

Mediterranean fare at Day Dreamers Cafe

I tot this was a new dining spot but turns out Day Dreamers Cafe (halal) has been around for some years, having moved to Plaza Damas from Plaza Damansara, KL, a while back. 

The hanging baskets and many potted plants outside the cafe at the sidewalk makes this an attractive spot for lunch or afternoon out.

Taken up by the exotic mix of the menu, we asked the waiter to recommend the Iranian/Mediterranean items. We ended up with a mix of dishes and while a friend said it was hardly Iranian, I kinda liked the spices in the food and mixed representation.

*Potato Onion Rosti – a spin on the Swiss potato staple, this had bits of chicken tender, poached egg and honey mustard drizzled over. The taste reminded me of pakora, the Indian vegetable fritter. Was hardly Swiss but still quite tasty.

*Rosemary Chicken – Normal Western dish but strong in Indian spices with a piquant tinge. Not bad at all.

*Beef Shaksuka – came with slices of pita bread. A mild version of the real thing which would otherwise be heartier.

*Mirza – vegetable dip with roasted eggplant and tomato, and an egg on top, similar in taste to the beef shaksuka but without meat.

*Moroccan Couscous Salad – looked deceivingly small but was quite a hefty portion with different beans/vegetables/lentil as we dug deeper. Contained chicken tenders, almonds, Chickpeas, red pepper and corn as well as Couscous, drizzled with balsamic orange.

*The Sizzler – Alfredo pasta with chicken tenders. This has quite a few hidden ‘bombs’ in the form of bird’s eye chilli and chilli flakes. The Italian might baulk at this but the spiciness gives a localised touch to a dish which might otherwise be too cloying and creamy.

Seems Day Dreamers is known for its baklava but we we were too full to eat another bite. The flavour profile is probably more Indian with a touch of Mediterranean to be more accurate. Some of my lunch mates didn’t think it was authentic enough but I rather liked the flavours. Prices are more than reasonable which explains the office crowd. Otherwise soaking in the eclectric ambience and sipping a cup of tea while you chat is a pleasant way to pass the afternoon.