Dom Perignon declares Vintage 2010

Dom Perignon declares Vintage 2010

Thanks to inspiration and the mastery that comes from experience, the passage of time has revealed the grandeur of Dom Pérignon’s Vintage 2010 .

The label plays out its aesthetic and sensorial values: precision, intensity, touch, minerality, complexity and completeness, a way of embracing and sustaining the note.

An unyielding commitment to express the grapes of a single and the same year means that some years, a vintage will not be declared.

The Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave, Vincent Chaperon expressed, “The creation of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010 took equal parts mastery and humility. The Vintage 2010 is the fruit of intuition and a mastery nurtured by experience, passed on and reproduced. I hope it never ceases to inspire you.”

In 2010, the winter was rigorous, spring dry and late. After a particularly sunny decade, such freshness was surprising. Summer was hot, but not excessively so. Then, two days of diluvian rain brought this ideal trajectory to a halt. In just a few days, botrytis mould developed on the grapes, mainly on the pinot noir.

This triggered a race against the clock, the grapes were not yet fully mature, but a decision had to be made quickly. Dom Pérignon deployed its full resources to trace a precise map delimiting the maturity and health of each parcel in its vineyards. This expert vision of the situation gave the possibility of saving excellent plots of pinot noir grapes.

Dom Pérignon decided to focus exclusively on the grapes the botrytis had spared. When the vendange was over, a portion of the harvest had been lost, but the pinot noir grapes that had been saved were absolutely glorious. They showed richness, concentration and balance – actually the best in the past 30 years.

The scent affirms itself on the palate, tracing a solid, welcoming presence. Amplitude, generosity and firmness compose a harmonious balance, accompanied by a peppery vibration until the silvery reverberations of a lustrous finish. The striking contrasts of this perilous year seem to express themselves with unexpected assurance and modesty, swaying with surprising serenity.

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