Cakes and good vibes at My Own Bakes

Cakes and good vibes at My Own Bakes

Far from my usual neck of the woods, Kinrara 8 in Puchong seemed unlikely to have anything interesting in terms of a cafe.

Like a shinning beacon, we found My Own Bakes Cafe, a welcoming set up that served the neighbourhood. My other half had brought home cakes from this place before, and while they were delicious, moist and rich, I found them a bit too sweet for my liking.

At the cafe itself, the interior was warm, inviting and child-friendly, a safe haven for an afternoon catch up with a friend or family lunch. Lots of nice cozy corners, including a fire-extinguisher in the reading corner quirkily masked as an oxygen tank for a cool diver on the wall mural.

As the cafe name suggests, plenty of homemade cakes to choose from here, to go with Gula Melaka Cappucino and other coffee blends, ranging from unusual creations such as Baba Nyonya Cake, Turtle Chocolate Cake to more ordinary options Caramel Latte Cake. Sorry-lah, no pictures of these, next round, yeah!

If you’ve got a sweet-tooth, this place would your ultimate cake sanctuary. Prices start from RM5 for a small cake square, up to RM15 for an indulgent slice.

We were there for lunch so unfortunately, didn’t really pay attention to the cakes and didn’t take pictures of the tempting confectionery. But other reviews have already paid glowing compliments to the cakes visually, so I’m going to talk about the main courses.

The menu offered a variety of pastas but the special that day was Salted Egg Fried Rice with Popcorn Chicken (RM15). This was a chance order which turned out the best choice of the day. Savoury with a nice balance of flavours, the rice was one of the tastiest fried rice I’ve had in recent times.

I’m on a roll with seafood pasta as this was the third in two weeks. Turned out to be really yummy too; the Seafood Marinara (RM23) had three succulent prawns, mussels and the creamy tomato sauce drenched the spaghetti adequately, coupled with a crisp slice of garlic bread for texture. All the pastas come with a slice of garlic bread.

We also had the Big Breakfast (RM17) that came with bread, hashbrown, local sausages fried with onions, red beans, scrambled eggs which was soft but a tad overcooked. This was alright but nothing to shout about.

In attempts to stay healthy, I had the basic Caesar’s Salad (RM10) plus beef brisket (additional RM5). Given its very affordable price tag, I can’t complain though it came with slices of beef bacon rather than actual beef brisket, which I wasn’t too keen on. Tastewise, it was decent enough but actual beef brisket would have been better, making it a much better quality salad.

It seems one of the top cafe favourites is Spaghetti Bolognese, and the MOB waffle and MOB nachos are pretty popular as well. Generally, prices are reasonable, the food is good quality, making MOB definitely worth a second, third visit and maybe even become the perfect place to hang out regularly.

Address: B-LG-11 Eight Kinrara, Jalan BK 5a/3b, Bandar Kinrara 5, Puchong. Tel: 013-236 5998