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Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager makes long-awaited debut with big launch party

Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager makes long-awaited debut with big launch party

At the launch party of Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager, there was a whole bunch of curated immersive experiences and live performances by local and international acts alike. Some 4,500 fans and media members got to feel, see and taste the new Tiger beer soju drink.  

Swiss apple pie

Swiss apple pie

Growing up, I hung out with my cousins a lot and would often eat at their place. Once in a while, my Aunt Molly (my mother’s youngest sister) who was married to a Swiss man (my Uncle Richard), would make Apfelwähe for dinner. Those were 

Launch of Martell Single Cru

Launch of Martell Single Cru

Maison Martell has introduced the Martell Single Cru collection in Malaysia, a significant milestone in Maison Martell’s history spanning over 300 years in that—for the first time—every cognac in the collection is crafted with eaux-de-vie sourced from a single terroir. 

Crafted by Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud, the Martell Single Cru Collection is rare, comprised only eaux-de-vie that can give the most precise personality, aroma, and ageing potential, and most authentic expression of each terroir; a process so rigorous that Valtaud retains fewer than 400 of the 11,000 eaux-de-vie available to him in the Martell reserves.

Structured in three ascending editions, right up to a selection of rare or extra-rare vintages, The Martell Single Cru Collection will be enriched over time, with each new release representing a fresh discovery of the House’s terroirs, an exploration of new taste sensations. 

The Discovery Edition Offers an ideal introduction to the specificity of the terroirs of Cognac. Each of the three cognacs is sourced from one of the three main Cognac crus: Fin Bois, Borderies and Petite Champagne. 

Martell Single Cru Fins Bois invigorates the senses with lush, juicy fruit, for a vibrant, fragrant sensation on the palate, Martell Single Cru Petite Champagne is intense and spicy, bursting with warm spices and rich nuts, while Martell Borderies rolls over the tongue with sweet fruit and subtle florals, leaving a delicious impression of fullness. 

Martell Cellar Master, Christophe Valtaud has crafted three cognacs from eaux-de-vie sourced from a single cru in order to reveal the authentic taste and unique personality of each. Due to the rarity of the Borderies cru, the Martell Borderies is more exclusive within the Discovery Edition. This translates into a limited number of bottles released compared to the Martell Single Cru Fins Bois and Petite Champagne.

The exploration continues with the Martell Single Cru Aged Edition, featuring eaux-de-vie from the two most exclusive Cognac terroirs, Borderies and Grande Champagne, which were singled out by Jean Martell himself as early as the 18th century. For the Aged Edition, Christophe Valtaud has made a precise selection of eaux-de-vie which not only express the essence of each prestigious terroir, but are also remarkable for their age. An eau-de-vie evolves throughout the ageing process, and these two cognacs have benefited from many years of ageing to develop new organoleptic properties, attaining an aromatic richness that is exceptional in the case of an XO, and reaches a form of plenitude for an XXO.

Martell Single Cru XO Grande Champagne is enriched with notes of nuts and dried fruit, as well as overtones of wood, reaching a perfect balance between power and fruitiness. 

Martell Single Cru XXO Borderies demonstrates incomparable richness and fullness, overflowing with luscious fruity notes.

With the Vintage Edition, the exploration of Maison Martell’s terroirs reaches its culmination. This exceptional cognac represents the encounter between a terroir and a year, with its specific climatic conditions – a rare event, in that it only happens once.

To start, for the Vintage Edition, Valtaud selected a remarkable Borderies eau-de-vie from the Gallienne estate, the emblematic vineyard of the Martell family. It was produced in 1999, a challenging year in terms of climate, which resulted in lower volumes at harvest, but increased the quality and rarity of the grapes. In February 2000, immediately after distillation, the eau-de-vie was transferred to fine-grained oak barrels, ageing for 23 years to attain its aromatic plenitude.

Martell Single Cru Borderies 1999 offers a complete organoleptic experience, representing the purest expression of the best of the Borderies terroir in that particular year. With characteristic notes of candied fruit, linden blossom, and vibrant citrus, it demonstrates an extraordinary smoothness, with a rich, fruity dimension palate. 

The Vintage Edition is presented in a precious, numbered bottle and it will be released in exceptionally limited quantities — representing the very last barrels of these rare eaux-de-vie for collectors.

The personality of a cognac is shaped by the terroir which produces its eaux-de-vie. Each cru is associated with a distinct aromatic profile and a specific ageing potential, linked to factors including its geographical situation, its soil, climate and exposure, as well as the quality of its grapes. In order to respect the authentic expression of the different crus, Maison Martell distils only clear wines and ages its eaux-de-vie exclusively in barrels of fine-grained oak, thus minimising the impact of lees and wood. 

Moreover, eaux-de-vie from these four finest terroirs in the Cognac region are aged separately in the Martell cellars. It is this unrivalled and uncompromising savoir-faire which attains its purest expression with the Martell Single Cru collection.

●Fins Bois: With its reddish clay and limestone soils, is known for its light, airy eaux-de-vie with anaromatic profile of fresh fruit, in particular pear and peach. 

●Petite Champagne: With greyish and chalky soils, produces fine eaux-de-vie which offers structure and length on the palate. They are distinguished by notes of nuts, red and dried fruit.

●Borderies: The signature cru of Maison Martell since 1715, produces subtle, elegant eaux-de-vie with luscious aromas of flowers and candied fruit.

●Grande Champagne: With chalk and limestone soils, is renowned for the aromatic richness of its eaux-de-vie, which are characterised by notes of pepper, nuts and red fruit, as well as their excellent potential forageing.

The launch event was held at The Chamber Starhill, KL with ambassador Eloi Parent who regaled the media with Single Cru stories. The Martell Single Cru Discovery Edition and the Aged Edition is now available in Malaysia nationwide. The Vintage Edition will be released with limited units via Martell’s Prestige Manager.

Martell Single Cru Fins Bois and Martell Single Cru Petite Champagne priced at RM 580 per bottle while the Martell Borderies is RM620 per bottle

Martell Single Cru XO Grande Champagne and Martell Single Cru XXO Borderies will be priced at RM1,440 and RM2,830 respectively.

The Martell Single Cru Borderies 1999 from the Vintage Edition is RM10,800 in limited quantities.

Time to #DineWithChef at Grand Hyatt

Time to #DineWithChef at Grand Hyatt

Throughout this May, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur will launch its annual celebration of local and international cuisines — showcasing the incredible craftsmanship of local and international chefs. First launched in 2023, #DinewithChef was created as a meeting point for epicureans, food enthusiasts, and culinary creatives 

Going the full Aliyaa Sri Lankan experience

Going the full Aliyaa Sri Lankan experience

One cuisine I don’t get to eat often enough is Sri Lankan food. For a great introduction to Sri Lankan cuisine, the full Aliyaa experience is highly recommended by chef Siva, comprising a set of tasting dishes of the following: Crab samosa; Atukkal rasam; Fish 

Topshelf offers French with Asian flair

Topshelf offers French with Asian flair

Topshelf proves why it’s still one of the top places for fine dining in KL after 12 years, with its exquisite dishes courtesy of chef Chris Yee. Haven’t been there for years, and now it’s expanded and renovated to encompass a much bigger space, including an upstairs area for private events or when there’s customer spillover.

Raising the bar with French cuisine, and tweaked according to local nuances, dishes here are classic yet not quite, with inspiring flavours that leave you asking for more. 

If we didn’t already know it was Burnt cabbage and Truffle, it would have had us guessing what exotic dish it was, given its umami and almost meaty flavour, thanks to being laced with truffle. Braised in stock and charcoal grilled, it’s served with white wine and chilli oil, sprinkled with bacon bits.

The Spanish Octopus Salad, firm and springy, had a unique flavour, slow cooked in olive oil and herbs and given the charcoal treatment. The spicy harissa sauce, along with the crispy duck fat potatoes complemented the polpo well.

Freshwater prawn with fregola, which is somewhat like a cross between couscous and Calrose rice, reminiscent of risotto but not quite. was cooked cooked in white wine, lobster broth and sundried tomatoes. Quite decadent indeed.

These new dishes, along with dessert, a totally new creation, so new that it didn’t quite have a name yet when we went, will grace the new menu.  

Add:  61, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, hp: 011-6177 7277

Enjoying the sea’s treasures at Oversea seafood

Enjoying the sea’s treasures at Oversea seafood

Renowned for its Chinese cuisine, the Oversea Group of Restaurants’ latest outlet at TREC, KL, features pork-free seafood dishes with a tank-to-table concert. Super fresh seafood gets delivered via an innovative conveyor belt from the tanks directly to the kitchen. The OTT decor blew me 

X marks The Spot

X marks The Spot

This new-ish café in Bangsar, KL, located on a little sliver of land with a tree jutting through the roof, was named The Spot by Chinoz by its owners literally because they described its location to friends as ‘X marks the spot’ on the map! 

More Syrian flavours at SAJ

More Syrian flavours at SAJ

S.A.J. Bistronomy by Leen’s (short for Syrian Authentic Jars), offers a similar line up to its predecessor Leen’s, with a few small twists to familiar ones, a couple of fav mainstays and some entirely new dishes. Helmed by chef Ameer Alzalek, his culinary story is nothing of amazing, starting from his early days as a qualified accountant, to ecaping his Syrian home which was becoming unsafe, starting over as a kitchen help in various restaurants to opening his own establishment and making a life here now in Malaysia, his new home. His amazing life story notwithstanding, his smouldering good looks are probably the other reason why people keep coming to Leen’s, and now SAJ! But of course, the food here is definitely something to shout about.

A brick oven in SAJ produces delightful puffed-up crispy Syrian bread to go with the Smoked Chilli Hummus that has charred chilli paste, pickled olives, mixed herbs and coriander oil. For me, it’s the light smokiness that does it, the hint of spice. I don’t think I could ever dislike any hummus dish by Ameer; so simple yet a party in my mouth. 

I couldn’t recognise his Tabbouleh, usually a salad of chopped up parsley, bulgur, tomato and onion. Here at SAJ, they’ve been transformed into round balls of mixed vegetables, bulgur, walnuts with lemon and pomegranate juice, each laid on a shiso leaf. Different but still delicious. Just don’t be expecting a plate of greens. 

Hokkaido Scallops Crudo – slices of raw scallop topped with salmon roe, thin slices of pickled radish in a sauce of passionfruit and mango, similar to Japanese scallop dish, and so oishi!

Shish Rubyan, with prawns fanning out on an espuma of dashi, pumpkin and smoked coconut. Lightly seasoned and Torched, this pretty and very tasty dish is also Japanese-inspired.  

Crispy Syrian Rice is carried over from Leen’s, with crispy rice scented with 11 spices, roasted chicken, pickled cucumber and beetroot with crushed peanuts for added texture. For this, I’ll make an exception and eat rice. Grilled Lamb Ribs were smoky and moist with a special spice marinade, while Beef Tongue pide is a serious play on pizza. Quite mind-boggling how tongue can be on a pizza, but Ameer has managed to do a good job.  

For dessert, Olive Oil Ice Cream and a light Baklava Cheesecake that wasn’t overly sweet ended our lovely Syrian lunch. 

For those asking, the cute chef is taken and already has 2 kids (!), but do come and spend some time with him in his kitchen. He says in all honesty that his food offers Syrian flavours but not true blue fare which has much stronger tastes. For me, this middle path is wonderful.

Add: 130, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. hp: 011-1139 1503


Celebrate St Patrick’s with Guinness

Celebrate St Patrick’s with Guinness

Calling all Guinness lovers! The Guinness St. Patrick’s celebration will continue at participating pubs and bars near you for the next three weeks! Make sure to get together with your family and friends to commemorate magical moments and “Make it Our Day to Remember” over