Learning about the innovation at House of Guinness

Learning about the innovation at House of Guinness

Earlier this year, Guinness Malaysia introduced Guinness Draught in a Can to the local market, offering lovers of the brew the smooth and creamy texture of a pub-poured pint from the comfort of their own homes. To officially introduce and to bring consumers through the innovation behind this product, Guinness Malaysia has launched House of Guinness – a hub that gives fans of the brand an added dash of magic to their usual drinking experience, all while immersing themselves in the world of Guinness at APW Bangsar. 

As you enter …
Learning about the technology behind the widget in a can.
Inside the House of Guinness

Participants will need to earn their taste of Guinness Draught in a Can by successfully completing their mission to become Guinness Innovation Experts. After checking in, they will be transported to the Guinness Innovation Lab and introduced to the world of Guinness and the new Guinness Draught in a Can.

A 360-degree photo booth.

After learning about the history and evolution of Guinness, as well as the technological advancement the brand has experienced over the years, guests will then be sent off to complete their first mission with the hint ‘The Widget is the Key’. This is where the nitrogen widget comes to play. Then, they will head onto their next task to ‘Activate the Widget’, before completing the ‘Release the Nitrogen’ mission and enter a giant can of Guinness Draught in a Can to feel the surge and settle. Those who successfully complete all three mission tasks will be awarded the title of Guinness Innovation Expert. 

Entrance to the House of Guinness
Learning about the history and technology behind Guinness
Light simulation to illustrate the widget in the can.

“We are excited to have launched Guinness Malaysia’s first-ever mission-based experience for fans to discover the innovation of Guinness Draught in a Can themselves. This new innovative product will provide a new drinking experience for fans to enjoy smooth and creamy Guinness Draught wherever they are, thanks to our nitrogen widget. We hope that through the House of Guinness, fans will get to spark magical moments while learning more about the uniqueness of the product in a playful and fun way,” said Shaun Lim, Marketing Manager of Guinness Malaysia.

To secure a spot at the House of Guinness, fans can sign up for free at www.houseofguinness.my and an email confirmation will be sent for participants to accept within 48 hours. Upon successful registration, each participant will be entitled to receive a complimentary Guinness Draught in a Can, and a limited-edition Guinness merchandise on the event day. 

House of Guinness is available for fans to experience from now until Sept 4, on Wednesdays to Sundays. Book your slots in advance. Each participant may experience House of Guinness three times total on separate days for the duration of this event and is entitled to a complimentary Guinness Draught in a Can for each visit, as well as receive one limited-edition Guinness merchandise. Slots can only be booked one day before event day at the latest.

For more info about House of Guinness and Guinness Draught in a Can, visit https://www.houseofguinness.my/

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